Dishonored 2 patch is showing 'encouraging results'

Dishonored 2's new patch seems like it fixes most of the performance-related issues on the PC.

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It looks like the upcoming patch to Dishonored 2 will fix the performance-related issues, where a GeForce GTX 1070 is required to barely hit 40-60FPS at 1080p on VERY LOW details. Yeah, I know. The developer has said that the crappy performance is totally on them, which is refreshing to see so early on.

Dishonored 2 patch is showing 'encouraging results' |

Dishonored 2 Game Director Harvey Smith has said that he is distressed with the performance of the PC version of the game, but PC Gamer is reporting that they've got their hands-on a beta version of the upcoming patch for Dishonored 2, and that the technical issues will be sorted out very soon.

PC Gamer writes: "However, when Dishonored 2 is running smoothly, it is excellent. In the eyes of everyone on our team that's played it, it's one of the best games of the year. Knowing that a patch is imminent, and having now tested a beta version of that patch ourselves with encouraging results, we're uncomfortable with scoring Dishonored 2 as it currently exists in the knowledge that these technical issues are likely to be resolved shortly".

"Once the patch goes live for everyone, we'll finalize and score our review. In the meantime, our review-in-progress and our technical analyses represent our mixed experiences with Dishonored 2 so far", they added.

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