Dishonored 2 director 'distressed' over PC performance

Dishonored 2 game director says it's not a port, and he's pissed over the PC performance issues.

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Has there been a game released this year that has been problem free? Bethesda is back again with Dishonored 2 now out, but Arkane Studios slipped with the PC version of the game which is experiencing all sorts of performance issues.

Dishonored 2 director 'distressed' over PC performance |

Dishonored 2 Game Director Harvey Smith isn't happy with the PC version of the game, fielding questions on his Twitter account. Smith said he's distressed over the PC performance issues, saying his team are hard at work getting the performance issues fixed. He said that Dishonored 2 was tested on PC before its release (because we haven't heard that before), and that it's not a port from other platforms.

Smith said: "I'm happy people are raving about the game. The majority are loving it. But I'm distressed that some PC users have problems", adding: "really feeling it for the folks affected - working over the weekend and such". Smith tweeted: "we care deeply about pc (as pc players ourselves). we are working on the issues".

He continued, adding that Dishonored 2 on the PC is not a port, tweeting: "just that we're aware some players/configs have issues and are working on it - not a port at all, btw". He said that the data collection after the release of Dishonored 2 has helped, tweeting: "we have a clear view of several problems - the data collection has helped on top of that".

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