GTX 1070 barely runs Dishonored 2 at 1080p on very low

Dishonored 2 - GTX 1070 needed for 1080p 60FPS (oh, and VERY LOW graphics quality settings)

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Dishonored 2 is an honorable mess on the PC, needing an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 to barely handle 1080p 60FPS on very low graphics settings.

GTX 1070 barely runs Dishonored 2 at 1080p on very low |

Dan Sebestyen posted on Twitter saying: "My build GTX 1070, i5 4690K, 16 gig of RAM. At 1080p and 1440p on "Very Low" i get drops to 40 fps in Karnaca". Pretty crappy performance for a high-end graphics card, and very low settings - not being able to hit 60FPS consistently in Dishonored 2? Pathetic.

Dishonored 2's Game Director Harvey Smith said yesterday he was "distressed" over the PC version of the game, saying that it wasn't a port from the consoles. He said that the performance issues aren't related just to graphics, so the issues are much deeper it seems.

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