Nix Sensor preparing to launch NIX Pro portable color sensor

Nix Sensor is preparing to launch the NIX Pro scanner next month.

| Feb 24, 2015 at 7:15 pm CST

The NIX Pro from Nix Sensor is the first full-featured portable color sensor, designed to be a smartphone accessory. The Bluetooth device is able to scan surfaces to quickly obtain a color reading, similar to the Adobe PhotoShop eyedropper tools.

The device is able to save captured colors in a unique library, colors can be shared among users, and should prove much more accurate than other color measurement methods. NIX Sensor says the NIX Pro is able to block out ambient light and use a custom broad spectrum LED light source - all the while with a product just a bit larger than a ping-pong ball.

"Every color measurement solution in the consumer market today is difficult to transport, inaccurate, and costs tens of thousands of dollars," said Matthew Sheridan, founder and CEO of Nix Sensor. "The NIX Pro is the first color sensor that is accurate, portable, and affordable - it's the PhotoShop eyedropper in real life."

The NIX Pro is scheduled to ship starting in March 2015, with a $299 MSRP.

Nix Sensor preparing to launch NIX Pro portable color sensor |

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