Green Apples might be rotten inside

Apple gets a 4.3 out of ten from Greenpeace.

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Ok, today must be Bash Apple Bay, be on the lookout for Halmark to jump on this and demand its inclusion in future calendars while marketing new cards for it.

This time in the anti-mac press it is a couple of stories on Greenpeace going after Apple. Apple has been flogging its misleading and borderline false ads all over the airwaves about how their newest toys are the greenest laptops out yet it seems that Greenpeace rates the company a sad 4.3 out of 10 for being green.

Read more here and here.

Green Apples might be rotten inside

APPLES LATEST promotion of what it calls the 'greenest laptop range ever' is entirely spin for the intellectually-challenged fan base which believes whatever fantasy is manufactured for them by Mac Marketing.

After we ran our story pointing out that the new aluminium laptops are as green as a red V6 Jag with a faulty exhaust, Greenpeace have woken up to agree.

It said that Apple deserves credit for eliminating brominated flame-retardants (BFRs) and other toxic plastics and managing relatively low power consumption.

However Greenpeace says the company's lack of providing a timeline in phasing out other potentially harmful compounds used in the laptops and their production is one of its key problems.

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