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PUBG player base falls under 1 million concurrent on Steam

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 41 mins ago

It was barely 24 hours ago that I wrote that Fortnite had reached a new record 8.3 million concurrent players across all platforms, so I began digging into the playerbase of PUBG and discovered it's low and losing double-digit percentages every month.




PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds reached its peak of 3.2 million players back in January 2018, and has since lost close to 100,000 players per month since. In June it dipped below 2 million concurrent players on Steam to just 1.75 million players, and dipped to 1 million last month. In the last 30 days, PUBG has only hit a peak of 965,507 players... seeing Fortnite with 7.4 million more concurrent players.

Sea of Thieves update includes PvP mode called 'The Arena'

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 hour, 12 mins ago

Microsoft has big plans for Sea of Thieves in 2019, with the company announcing the first content update for the game for 2019, something that will include some new PvP arena action.



The company has announced "The Arena" will launch in early 2019 for Sea of Thieves, with the new PvP mode pitting players into a race to find treasure. The update will let you queue on demand, provide a new tavern area for players interested in Arena battles, and a new trading company. The Sea Dogs will join the fray alongside the other four existing factions, with PvP-based achievements thrown in alongside rewards that will help boost people towards being a Pirate Legend.


We don't know much more about The Arena update, but the two modes (PvP and normal mode) will be separate. You can fight the mighty seas on your own, or decide to take down everyone in your sights. Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate said that The Arena will be a "condensed, shorter season" of the game that will be focusing on treasure hunting, something the community has wanted.

Fallout 76 post-launch plans highlighted

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 3 hours, 11 mins ago

Fallout 76's launch this week is just the beginning of a long, winding journey into irradiated West Virginia.




We've known for a while that Fallout 76 is a live service game, meaning that it'll evolve and change tremendously over time. Bethesda will continually update the game with new tweaks, modes, guns, quests, and content for players to chew on for many years after launch. Case in point: Fallout 76's day one patch is literally bigger than the full game, which means lots of things have probably changed.


Although exact details on how and when these updates will occur remain scarce, Bethesda today confirmed some basic info on the new features. "This is just the beginning. We have an incredible list of updates we've begun work on - from C.A.M.P. building improvements, new quests and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a faction-based PvP system, and much more," the studio wrote on a post.

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PS5 controller may have touchscreen

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 4 hours, 10 mins ago

An updated patent may hint at Sony's plans with the DualShock 5 controller.




Sony is making a next-gen PlayStation 5 console, and no new PlayStation is complete without an updated DualShock controller. Based on the current DualShock 4 it's hard to imagine what Sony could add to the device outside of basic improvements (the hanging triggers are annoying, the touchpad is kind of obsolete, etc). But a freshly updated patent gives some clues on changes including a more interactive touchscreen panel.


"A controller for interfacing wirelessly with a computing device is provided, including the following: a touchscreen defined along the top surface of the main body between the first and second extension," reads the patent. But before we get too excited, the patent is an extension of previously filed patents for other controllers (like the DualShock 3) and explicitly describes the current DualShock 4 controller to a tee.

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Bungie is satisfied with Destiny 2 even if Activision isn't

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 5 hours, 24 mins ago

Bungie approves of Destiny 2's evolution so far, even if Activision isn't so happy with the game's results.




Activision's expectations are quite high, and for good reason. The company routinely earns billions from its games every quarter, all of which are monetized with live service hooks. This trend has taught shareholders and execs to expect certain results from live games. But Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion hasn't managed to meet the publisher's revenue targets (which are probably quite steep), likely due to the game's bizarre and often frustrating business model. Despite Activision's disappointment, Bungie remains hopeful and optimistic about Destiny 2 and the franchise as a whole.


"We are not disappointed with Forsaken. We set out to build a game that Destiny players would love, and at Bungie, we love it too," Destiny 2 director Luke Smith said on Twitter.


"Building Destiny for players who love it is and will remain our focus going forward."

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Microsoft vows to fix Windows Store for better PC gaming

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 11 hours, 1 min ago

Microsoft's Xbox division wants to bridge farther into PC gaming, but to do so it must address the wonky Windows 10 Store to make it worthwhile.




PC gaming is Microsoft's biggest asset over Sony. The company's Xbox platform merges both console and PC gaming with a host of cross-save/compatible games, services, and content that can be played on both hardware realms. But the Windows Store is still a strange, wonky, and often frustrating place to buy, launch, and play PC games, and Microsoft is keen on fixing that so it can not only enable key UWP cross-features but also rake in more money from direct game sales.


At the recent XO18 event in Mexico, Xbox exec Phil Spencer outright said he plans to fix the store and make it a place where PC gamers want to actually buy and play games. "I think we've got a ton of work to do on Windows, and Windows is something I'm very committed to," Spencer said at the event.

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Everything you need for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 16 hours, 43 mins ago

Now that we are a little less then a month out from the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many fans that haven't already pre-ordered the title are starting to pick up what they need for the best Smash experience possible. Here is a complete list of everything you will need from Amazon.




A close friend and myself decided to pre-order Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a few days a go, while we were doing this we quickly realized that there is quite a lot of things that players are going to need to pick up to get the best experience possible. Firstly, players are obviously going to need a Nintendo Switch to play Ultimate, currently on Amazon the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition is going for $423.99. This pack includes the Nintendo Switch system, a specially designed dock with images of the fighters located on the front and a full game download. A standalone copy of Ultimate can be acquired for $59.88.


If you don't desire to pick up the Nintendo Switch Ultimate Edition, a classic Nintendo Switch is currently going for $299. Moving on, the next thing that should be added to your cart is the $51.94 Super Smash Bros Edition GameCube Controller. Nintendo are re-releasing the classic GameCube controller for Ultimate and as most Smash fans know, Smash Bros. is best experienced and played on a GameCube controller. Now that you have picked up your controller, you are going to need to grab the GameCube to USB adapter to plug into the back of your Nintendo Switch dock. The adapter is $19.99 and will be needed to connect your GameCube controller to your Nintendo Switch.

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Ronald McDonald 'will not' be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 17 hours, 43 mins ago

The Super Smash Bros. fighting roster can now rule at least one character out for the possibility of being apart of the planned DLC pack, and that is unfortunately Ronald McDonald.




The news comes from Canada's McDonalds Twitter account, a Twitter user named Chris said "I've heard rumors about Ronald McDonald being in Smash Bros Ultimate? Could you confirm if this is true or not?." This Tweet received quite a lot of support, which then resulted in McDonald's Canada confirming that Ronald McDonald "will not be making an appearance in the new game as of right now."


McDonalds did also say that it would "be pretty neat" to be able to see "Ronald McDonald battle other characters in Smash Bros" which suggests that they wouldn't be opposed to the inclusion of Ronald in the game. Courtesy of Dualshockers for the above image of Ronald if he were to be introduced, it truly would be hilariously fun if Nintendo surprised us the McDonalds mascot as a new fighter. Many people may not like the idea, but regardless, it would be pretty funny to see Ronald duking it out on the battlefield. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on December 7th. For more information about Ultimate, visit the official Smash Bros. website here.

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New Kingdom Hearts III trailer: Winnie the Pooh/Jack Sparrow

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 18 hours, 43 mins ago

A new Kingdom Hearts III trailer has been released onto the Xbox YouTube channel, throughout the trailer we get introduced to Winnie the Pooh and also spotted Captain Jack Sparrow.



The trailer was revealed to fans through the Microsoft XO18 event and shows the 100 Arce Wood world with Winnie the Pooh getting a kind introduction by Sora. We can also see glimpse of Captain Jack Sparrow, Organization XIII, Big Hero 6, Tangled and more. It's strange that Microsoft or Square Enix decided to just name the trailer "Winnie the Pooh" when so many other characters were also showcased throughout video.


Last week we saw the trailer for Rapunzel's Tangled world, throughout the trailer we got a look at the magical Kingdom of Corona and Flynn Rider. If you happened to miss out on that trailer, check it out here. There also has been a Big Hero 6 trailer released, visit that here. Kingdom Hearts III will be arriving on the Xbox One and PS4. There has unfortunately been no word of a PC or Nintendo Switch port for Kingdom Hearts III, we do hope that the game does make it to these platforms though as I'd imagine there would be many gamers (including myself) disappointed if it didn't.

Hollow Knight physical released canceled by Skybound Games

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 19 hours, 43 mins ago

Skybound Games has announced that they will be no longer be able to bring gamers the physical release of Team Cherry's Hollow Knight.



The news really is quite saddening as many fans of Hollow Knight would of loved to see the indie hit make its way to a physical release. The announcement comes from Skybound Games' Twitter account, the above post says "We are saddened to share that we'll no longer be working with Team Cherry Games to bring Hollow Knight to new platforms". The post continues and Skybound Games wishes Hollow Knight developer Team Cherry the best for their game in the future.


Additionally, Team Cherry has also addressed the announcement saying that "As a team of three people still in intensive production of Hollow Knight, taking the game into the retail space (even with the extensive assistance of Skybound) proved more work than we could reasonably manage." Team Chery does say that a Hollow Knight physical release isn't entirely out of the question, but will more so be possible in the future and in "smaller quantities." For more information, visit the official Team Cherry statement here.