aqua-computer designs waterblock for GT200 cards

Available June 25.

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Quick to provide after the recent launch of NVIDIA's latest GTX 200 series of graphics cards, several companies have come forth with aftermarket waterblocks suited to these cards, including eVGA and CoolIT. German PC cooling specialist aqua-computer have just added to the selection with their new aquagrafx GTX280 water block.

Two days after the start of the new Nvidia G200 generation aquacomputer presents the aquagrafx G200.

The cooler is produced from highly purified electrolysis copper and provides an extremely high cooling capacity. Due to the up to 20mm broad channles inside the block it has an extremely low flow resistance.

The copper plate of the cooler is approx. 8 mm strong and weighs approx. 660 g completely. It is CNC milled from a solid raw part of almost 2.2 kg of copper.

The GPU area is covered by an optimized cooling surface which offers around. 25% more surface than the one used until now.

The GPU, video chip, RAMs and voltage regulators are covered by the block. Altogether, 17 components on this card are cooled by the aquagrafx G200.

The connections are G 1/4". The price will amount to EUR 94.90. The delivery starts 25th of June 2008, but preorder is possible already.

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