NVIDIA's 'true' entry-level GPUs will be the RTX 3060 and 3050 for years to come, rumor reckons

If a YouTube leaker is on the money - and they're one of the more reliable sources - NVIDIA has six million lower-end Ampere GPUs remaining to sell.

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NVIDIA still has a large stock of Ampere chips to get rid of at the lower-end of the market - and these will represent the main entry-level offerings from Team Green for years to come, we're told.

This is the latest gossip from YouTube leaker Moore's Law is Dead, who shared the info in a new video discussing all manner of topics (mostly revolving around AMD, mind).

Moore's Law is Dead tapped one of his top-tier NVIDIA sources to find out that Team Green has no fewer than six million Ampere GPUs still to push through and sell. Those are GA106 and GA104 chips which are the engines of RTX 3050 and RTX 3060 graphics cards (and also the RTX 3070 in some cases with GA104).

As the source concludes, there is "no way around it," the RTX 3050 and 3060, along with the 3060 Ti, will continue to be the 'true' entry-level NVIDIA graphics cards for years, no less.

This makes some sense when you consider other recent buzz on the grapevine claiming that NVIDIA is pretty much bringing GPU production to a halt for the time being.

What with RTX 4060 models not going down well according to reports, and Lovelace already potentially overproduced to some extent - and that Ampere stock still very backlogged - it would be no surprise to see the assembly lines being at least temporarily wound down.

Of course, take that rumor, and this fresh piece of gossip, with a big old helping of skepticism - although Moore's Law is Dead does stress the reliability of the source in the case of this latest Ampere rumor.

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