ASUS vs. GIGABYTE in 2008 - power saving

Fierce competition is on.

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Judging by a rather amusing picture we found online, it does indeed look like the main war for ASUS and GIGABYTE this year will be who can save the most amount of power.

As you might already know, ASUS has been heavily promoting its EPU feature and GIGABYTE has been working equally as hard on its DES feature. If the picture above is anything to go by, GIGABYTE DES will crash and burn like the Intel sponsored F1 car.

The good news for you is that we currently have two fairly similar Intel X48 (DDR2) boards from ASUS and GIGABYTE and we are putting both boards to the test to finally work out once and for all which offers the best power saving.

Who will have the last laugh? You can find out later this week!

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