NVIDIA RTX 4070 GPU price could make your wallet cower in fear

Those hoping for an affordable RTX 4070 aren't going to like a new leak that suggests NVIDIA will again push the boundaries with graphics card pricing.

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NVIDIA's RTX 4070 graphics card is about to be launched, but if the latest rumor about the GPU is correct, the price will be far higher than expected.

According to a regular provider of GPU leaks on YouTube, Moore's Law is Dead (MLID), NVIDIA might pitch the suggested price (MSRP) of the RTX 4070 at an eye-watering US$750.

Hang on a minute, we hear you cry - the RTX 4070 Ti has an MSRP of US$799, doesn't it? Why, yes, it does, and therefore this purported recommended price for the vanilla RTX 4070 seems way too close for comfort, to put it mildly.

Remember, the grapevine believes there will be a Founders Edition of the RTX 4070, so the working theory is the price for that will be US$750, meaning that third-party custom models of the graphics card will go up in price from there. And surely that means those versions will clash with the more powerful RTX 4070 Ti, hitting very similar price tags, in that case?

That doesn't make much sense, but apparently MLID's sources believe that's what NVIDIA is planning, and the leaker underlines that those sources are trustworthy and have been accurate in the past. However, we need to be skeptical around any rumors, of course, and even if this is NVIDIA's intention right now, that could change - there's still time before the launch.

Not much time, though, as the rumor (from multiple sources now) is that the RTX 4070 will be released on April 13. Apparently, cards costing US$750 will be aired in reviews the day before, April 12, with those models exceeding that MSRP only allowed to have reviews published from April 13 onwards. In other words, reviews of the pricier models will only appear once the RTX 4070 cards are actually on shelves.

Previous spinning from the rumor mill indicated that we might see a more affordable RTX 4070, pitched at anywhere from US$599 to US$699, depending on how optimistic or pessimistic the source was. However, it appears pricing will exceed even upper guestimates, and maybe by quite some way in the case of custom boards.

Meh, in a word. But then nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to Lovelace GPUs and NVIDIA's pricing strategy. Roll on the RTX 4060, except that's probably going to cost a small fortune too, the way things seem to be headed. Maybe we'll finally get something more wallet-friendly when the RTX 4050 pitches up...

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