Logitech to release MX5500 desktop

Bluetooth and MX Revolution.

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Some information as well as a couple of pictures of Logitech's upcoming MX 5500 Revolution Cordless Desktop has appeared online. It will replace the Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser and has been given a fair few upgrades in terms of features. First of all the mouse has been upgraded from the MX 1000 to the MX Revolution, which is a great addition on its own.

Although the MX5500 keeps the Bluetooth connectivity of the MX 5000, they keyboard is an entirely new design which looks somewhat similar to the updated G15 gaming keyboard. It's got a much nicer looking LCD display with bigger lettering. The display can be used for time, calculator functions, incoming messages and for media playback information.

It seems to have lost the touch sensitive control strips of the MX 5000 and has instead beene given a Windows Vista Flip 3D controller. It's also got support for some additional Windows Vista features, but you can of course use the keyboard with any OS. It's meant to have a new USB Bluetooth adapter, but there seems to be some information lacking about how you're supposed to recharge the mouse.

The price has of course gone up, from US$150 for the MX 5000 to US$170 for the MX 5500. You can check out a larger picture and some more info about the MX 5500 here
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