Roto VR motorized VR chair soon to support Vive Pro, Valve Index

The Roto VR motorized VR chair will soon have support for the Vive Pro and Valve Index with a new cable magazine upgrade part.

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Roto VR recently revealed that it had finalized the development of its DisplayPort cable magazine, which would enable the use of Vive Pro and Valve Index headset with its motorized VR chair.

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Last year, Roto VR began shipping its long-awaited motorized Roto VR Chair for virtual reality experiences. The company first opened pre-ordered for the Roto VR Chair in May of 2016, and it took roughly four years to deliver the first units.

Roto VR's big selling point is the data cable passthrough system that enables the chair to rotate in continuous 360-degree rotations without wrapping the cable around yourself. Roto VR developed a device it calls the Cable Magazine, which gives the headset a place to plug in that rotates with the chair. The base of the unit has plugs to connect to your computer.

Sadly, by the time Roto VR got its product on the market, the VR industry had shifted directions. The original Vive and Rift used HDMI cables, which is what Roto VR installed in the cable magazines. These days, VR headsets have DisplayPort connections, which left the Roto VR Chair incompatible with every currently sold VR headset. Thankfully, Roto VR developed the Cable Magazines to be swappable, and all you need is the updated version to upgrade the Roto VR Chair for modern devices.

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The DisplayPort version of the Roto Cable Magazine is not yet available, but Roto VR is in the final stages before production. Roto VR said the upgraded part would enable the HTC Vive Pro and Valve Index headsets to work with the Roto VR Chair. Unfortunately, the Rift S will not work. Roto VR said it ran into bandwidth limitations when dealing with DisplayPort and USB 3.0 simultaneously.

A future version of the Cable Magazine meant for Oculus Link is in the works.


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