The ISS has captured and released an astonishing timelapse image

Here's yet another incredible image captured from the International Space Station.

| Oct 28, 2019 at 4:03 am CDT

If you are aboard the International Space Station there is no doubt that you will run into some of the best scenery possible and maybe you will be lucky enough to capture it in a photo.

Astronaut Christina Koch was lucky enough to be able to do just that, as we can see from the above tweet on her personal Twitter account. While you might originally think that a timelapse photo would take quite some time to take while aboard the ISS, the above image only took 11 minutes to do complete due to the speed of which the ISS is traveling relative to Earth.

The image is comprised of 400 separate images and was taken as the ISS passed over Africa. Looking at the image now, we can see a lot of streaks of light in the sky which are stars. The bright clumps of light located on the planet are thunderstorms moving across the African continent and the green glow just above those light clumps is Earths upper atmosphere.

This isn't the first we have seen an incredible image taken from the ISS, check out this equally incredible image here that was taken not to long ago. Christina Koch also just completed the first all female space walk, if you are interested in that a link can be found here.

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