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Apex Legends Season 2 challenges crush Season 1 in everyway

Apex Legends Season 2 will feature a much better levelling system than Season 1, and here's why.

Published Mon, Jul 1 2019 4:00 AM CDT   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:18 PM CDT

Apex Legends' Season 2 update is just around the corner and just before its launch we have gotten some details regarding the new seasons challenge system.

Apex Legends Season 2 challenges crush Season 1 in everyway |

A recent blog post from Lee Horn, the Lead Product Manager for Apex Legends has shone a light on Season 2's updated challenge progression system. According to Horn, players will have a much more enjoyable and easier time advancing levels in Season 2 as Respawn has heard the criticism from Season 1 and has taken it on board.

Horn says that: "More than half of your Weekly Challenges will grant an entire Battle Pass level as a reward. The remaining Daily & Weekly Challenges grant STARS which, combined with match XP, contribute to a repeatable Weekly Challenge that grants a full Battle Pass level with each completion. STARS are XP specific to Battle Pass, meaning STARS do not impact Account Level progression."

Moving onto Daily challenges, each day players will receive three brand new challenges that have been randomly selected from a massive pool of 200 unique challenges. "These challenges range from "Deal 200 Damage in Bunker" to "Play 1 game as Lifeline" and are intended to be achievable in a short play session. Complete your daily challenge and earn 3,000 STARS each."

Weekly challenges will come in a set of seven each and are designed to take more than just one game of Apex to complete. Examples of these challenges are as follows: ""Get 20 Kills as Gibraltar, Bangalore, or Mirage" to "Loot 100 Epic items." Four of the Weekly Challenges are worth 6,000 STARS each (24,000 STARS total) and three of the Weekly Challenges grant an entire Battle Pass level each upon completion."

Here is a full breakdown of how the rewards will apply to your battle pass level:

"Each week, you'll have an additional set of three special resetting Weekly Challenges. These are the same every week and refresh even if you haven't completed them. Keep a careful eye on these to make maximum Battle Pass progress."

  • Complete five Daily Challenges - Rewards one Battle Pass level
  • Complete 10 Daily Challenges - Rewards one Battle Pass level
  • Earn 9,000 STARS and/or match XP - Rewards one Battle Pass level
  • This quest may be repeated an unlimited number of times each week.
  • Each completion increases the STARS and/or match XP required for the next by 9,000, up to a maximum of 54,000. You need 9,000 for the first level, 18,000 for the second level, etc. This challenge resets to 9,000 each week.

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