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Sony's huge 98-inch 8K TV costs $70,000, perfect for PS5

Sony's new 8K TV might be the perfect companion for your next-gen PlayStation 5.

Published Mon, Apr 22 2019 9:27 PM CDT   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:18 PM CDT

Sony is better detailing its upcoming 8K-capable MASTER Series Z9G TVs which begin with an 85-inch model up for sale starting at $13,000 while the larger 98-inch model drops in June for a wallet-busting $70,000. The perfect new TV to go with your 8K-capable next-gen PlayStation 5.

The flagship Sony MASTER Series Z9G 8K HDR TV comes in with a massive and I'm sure oh-so-beautiful 98-inch 8K screen with it powered by the Sony X1 Ultimate processor that it "optimized to handle 33 million pixels of 8K". Sony's in-house chip boasts the ability to "analyze each object in the picture" at 8K, which is joined by another feature called 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO and Backlight Master Drive "with full-array local dimming".

Sony is using some magical stuff inside of the MASTER Series Z9G TVs with clarity enhancements including the 8K X-Reality PRO, dual database processing and object-based Super Resolution that upscales your video content to 8K per object. It's pretty incredible. There's also color enhancements in the way of Live Color Technology, Precision Color Mapping, super bit mapping HDR and Sony's own TRILUMINOS Display technology.

Sony's huge 98-inch 8K TV costs ,000, perfect for PS5 03 |

Other buzzwords include 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer, and object-based HDR remastering. Sony is doing it all, but it's this last part that has me tingling: X-Motion Clarity under Sony's motion enhancer features. This is what could really do some interesting things if used right, especially if you think about gaming. What big family of consoles does Sony make? Oh, just the PlayStation.

Now imagine the next-gen PlayStation 5 with its 8K support (which I think is mostly for video) but now we could be looking at specific Sony-made 8K TVs using their fancy new object-based 8K upscaling and motion enhancing technology to provide smoother images and we're looking at the world of 8K 60FPS. Even as a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card owner with an actual 8K display, the world of 8K 60FPS is still out of our hands-on a single graphics card. But with some tricky upscaling on a console, for specific games, it would look insanely good.

Just the 4K 60FPS gaming on a new PS5 with the upscaling and motion enhancing technology would be a huge deal.

Sony's huge 98-inch 8K TV costs $70,000, perfect for PS5 05 |

This is something I need to witness in person, and since I don't have $70,000 to drop on a new MASTER Series Z9G TV, the next trade show that I'm at where it's being shown will attract me like a magnet. I'll beeline directly for it and get some hands-on, well eyes-on time with it. I'd love to see it hooked up to a full RTX 2080 Ti gaming PC and playing games at 4K 60FPS to see how all this technology infuses for the ultimate in TV technology.

Funnily enough the video that Sony uploaded for the 8K TV isn't even in 4K, it's a 1080p clip. I watched a 1080p clip for a new 8K TV on my actual 8K monitor, which is 16x less the quality than an 8K video for me on this panel. Sony is trying to sell one of the most advanced TVs ever made with a video released in 1080p is meme material. Come on, Sony.

As for the next-gen PlayStation 5, we'll find out more about that in the coming months. We know that it'll be a full 4K 60FPS console (my prediction) but I think 8K video support will be a pushing point for Sony and the next wave of 8K-capable TVs.

Anthony is a long time PC enthusiast with a passion of hate for games built around consoles. FPS gaming since the pre-Quake days, where you were insulted if you used a mouse to aim, he has been addicted to gaming and hardware ever since. Working in IT retail for 10 years gave him great experience with custom-built PCs. His addiction to GPU tech is unwavering.

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