FSP mixes power and water with Hydro PTM+ PSUs at CES 2019

FSP Group shows off their new line of 80PLUS Platinum, watercooled, RGB lit PSUs that are capable of overclocking.

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CES 2019 - FSP showed off the world's first water cooled 80PLUS Platinum certified PSUs, part of the HYDRO PTM+ series. There are two 80PLUS Platinum PSUs FSP showed us, one rated for 850W and the other 1200W.

FSP mixes power and water with Hydro PTM+ PSUs at CES 2019 01

Both PSUs have built in waterblocks, but also a fan so watercooling is not required for operation at their rated wattages. However, this 1200W PSU supports overclocking, which happens when you hook up the included Bitspower pump/reservoir/radiator (or add it to you existing loop). The 1200W model can output up to 1400W when using watercooling and the 850W can pump out 1000W when watercooled.

FSP mixes power and water with Hydro PTM+ PSUs at CES 2019 02

Both the PSUs support RGB LEDs, and can sync with ASUS's AURA software. Both PSUs are fully modular and the 1200W model comes with all of the cables you see in the package above. These are ribbon cables with alternating black and white individually sleeved wires. We saw a few modded rigs at the FSP suite at CES, and this green one really caught out eye. You can also see the smooth green glow coming out of the block section of the watercooled PSU. If you need an RGB lit, watercooled, overclockable, 80Plus Platinum PSU, FSP has you covered.

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