EK Water Blocks announces TITAN V waterblock

TITAN V owner and want to water cool your card? EK Water Blocks have your back.

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If you want to cool that $3000 graphics card of yours, then your TITAN V deserves EK Water Blocks' new EK-FC TITAN V full cover GPU water block that will keep your GPU, HBM2, and VRMs nice and cool.

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NVIDIA's super-fast TITAN V is a dual-slot graphics card in stock form, but the EK-FC TITAN V water block will reduce it to a sleek single-slot beast. EKWB's water block directly cools the GPU, HBM2 memory, and VRMs so that you can hit maximum overclocks without any part of the card cooking too much and reducing your OC headroom.

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EKWB's new EK-FC TITAN V is available through EK's own Webshop and the Partner Reseller Network. It's availabble in four different varieties:

  • EK-FC Titan V - 129.95€
  • EK-FC Titan V - Acetal + Nickel - 129.95€
  • EK-FC Titan V Backplate - Black - 33.95€
  • EK-FC Titan V Backplate - Nickel - 39.95€

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