Intel CPU with Vega GPU = faster than GTX 1060 laptop

Intel launches 8th gen Core CPU with Radeon RX Vega M graphics.

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Intel has just launched its new 8th-gen Core processor,with a few different SKUs. We have the 8th-gen Core Mobile processor in U, G, and H variants (mainstream, thin/light with discrete GPU, and highest performance).

Intel CPU with Vega GPU = faster than GTX 1060 laptop |

These new CPUs will be more detailed in the coming days, but for now, this is the skinny:

U: Mainstream Mobility

  • Think & Light
  • Immersive Entertainment
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated Intel UHD Graphics

G: Thin & Light Performance w/ Discrete Graphics

  • Intel's high performance mobile enthusiast CPU
  • First Consumer EMIB, HBM2, discrete graphics on package, power sharing
  • Enthusiast Gaming and VR Experience
  • Innovative designs

H: Highest Performance

  • Intel's high performance mobile enthusiast CPU
  • CPU-attached discrete graphics for Consumer
  • 4K Gaming
  • Professional Media Creation
  • Mega-Tasking

As for the new 8th-gen Intel Core CPUs with Radeon RX Vega M, we're expecting a custom Radeon RX Vega M GPU with 4GB of HBM2, and in two performance options with 65W and 100W.

8th Gen Intel Core with Radeon RX Vega M

  • 4GB of HIgh Bandwidth Memory Gen 2 (HBM2)
  • Custom Radeon RX Vega M Graphics
  • 8th Generation Intel Core Processor

Enabling the industry to create innovative designs

  • First 8th Gen Intel COre H-Series in market, more to come
  • First implementation of power sharing across CPU & GPU
  • First consumer solution to use Intel EMIB
  • First consumer mobile solution to use HBM2

Next level performance in sleek, thin & light systems

  • Offers overclocking on CPU, GPU and HBM
  • Delivering performance at two designs points: 65W & 100W

Innovative systems designs coming in Q1'18

  • Dell, HP and Intel NUC

Hardware Innovation

Smaller, thinner solution through Intel EMIB

  • Embedded high speed connector in package
  • Reduced silicon footprint over 50%
  • Keeps CPU and GPU z-height 1.7mm slim

Enthusiast processor adds needed connectivity

  • Eight lanes of PCI Express Gen 3 connecting CPU & GPU
  • Provides necessary throughout to feed intense gfx workloads
  • Remaining PCIe lanes available for direct CPU access

Hardware Features

  • Efficient HBM, up to 80% less power than GDDR5
  • Intel Graphics efficient display and Quick Sync Video capabilities available
  • 9 Display outputs available for design flexibility

Thinner Designs Through Dynamic Power Sharing

  • Intel Dynamic Tuning - NEW! Dynamic power sharing enables enthusiast performance in sleek systems
  • Up front design benefit of 17.5W
  • Same performance with up to 18% higher efficiency

Two Amazing Graphics Subsystems On One Small Package

High Bandwidth Cache Controller

High Bandwidth Cache

  • 4GB Capacity
  • 1024-bit bus width
  • low power

Compute Units

  • Up to 24 Compute Units
  • Asynchronous Dispatch
  • Per Compute Unit Power Gating
  • Vulkan & DirectX 12Ready
  • Supports Radeon Shader Intrinsics

Quad Geometry Engines

Vega Pixel Engine

  • Up to 16 Render Back Ends
  • Up to 64 Pixels/Clock

Radeon Multimedia Engine

  • 4K60 encode/decode with Radeon ReLive
  • HEVC, H264 HDR enc/dec

Intel Quick Sync Video

  • VP9 & HEVC 10b HW enc/dec
  • H264 HW enc/dec

Radeon Display Engine

  • 6 Displays
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • Display Port 1.4 w/ HDR
  • HDMI 2.0b with HDR10 support

Intel Gfx Display Engine

  • 3 Displays
  • 4K resolution
  • eDP/PSR for long battery life

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