GPU mining system spotted with 8 x NVIDIA GP106 GPUs

New 8 x GPU cryptocurrency mining system powered by NVIDIA's GP106 cards.

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It looks like the rumors of NVIDIA working on a new Pascal-based cryptocurrency mining solution were right, with VideoCardz posting a new article teasing the GPU mining beast.

GPU mining system spotted with 8 x NVIDIA GP106 GPUs |

The new GPU cryptocurrency mining station rocks 8 x GP106-100 mining cards that are passively cooled, and have no display outputs. This is perfect for mining, as you don't need display connectivity, and the fanless design will keep them nice and quiet versus the huge noise some cards can pump out when the card is pushing full speed 24/7.

We're looking at 200MH/s when mining Ethereum, which is what I'm mining right now - and with a blend of GPUs on 9 systems with 18 graphics cards in total, I'm getting 470MH/s. So to see 200MH/s from a single GPU mining station with 8 x GPUs using less than 1000W, that's impressive indeed. The entire system is powered by an optional 1600W PSU, with 9 x 8cm 5800RPM coolers keeping everything nice and chilled.

Inside, we have an Intel Celeron mobile series processor, 4GB of DDR4 RAM, 64GB mSATA SSD, 1 x HDMI, 1 x GbE, 1 x USB 2.0, and then you'll need to install an optional OS - Windows 10 for example, in 64-bit. It weighs 10.2kg on its own, or 14kg with the PSU installed.


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