AMD trademarks Kyzen, Aragon, Promethean & CoreAmp

AMD is working on Kyzen, Aragon, Pharos, Promethean & CoreAmp products.

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When we first reported that AMD would be calling its now current-gen processors Ryzen, the name just didn't stick at first - but here we are, with a slew of Ryzen processors that are starting to make Intel squirm.

AMD trademarks Kyzen, Aragon, Promethean & CoreAmp |

But according to a new trademark filing, it looks like AMD is working on new products called Kyzen, Aragon, Pharos, Promethean, Zenso, and CoreAmp. All of these product names were trademarked in March, with a few of them already released. What can we expect from these new, interestingly named AMD products?

Well, Kyzen sounds just like Ryzen - so maybe this is a new CPU from AMD, or maybe even a new APU. I have a 'cryo' feel from Kyzen, so maybe we're looking at a heavily overclockable Ryzen processor that will be released as Kyzen? Who knows. Next up we have Aragon - very Lord of the Rings. Promethean will most likely end up as a chipset, as AMD named their Ryzen chipset Promontory - with Promethean being very close to that.

Then we have Pharos and Aragon, which both sound like internal codenames. We might expect future AMD products to feature these names, or at least codenames, but who knows what it will end up as when they arrive. All of the codenames sound delicious, just give me the products already, AMD - oh, and where's Radeon RX Vega?


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