Dell's 30-inch OLED is out, 60Hz not 120Hz, and $3499

Dell releases its new $3499 display, boasting an OLED panel at 4K.

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Dell teased its UP3017Q monitor back at CES 2016, rocking a huge 30-inch size and 4K native resolution all on a delicious OLED panel at 120Hz. Well, Dell is back with the UP3017Q and while it retains its 30-inch OLED panel and 4K resolution, the refresh rate has been kicked down to 60Hz.

Dell's 30-inch OLED is out, 60Hz not 120Hz, and $3499 |

The entry price for a high-end OLED display is hefty, with Dell pricing its new UP3017Q at $3499. You'll get perfect colors and coverage in Adobe RGB, but the color and depth on Dell's new UP3017Q will be so amazing, professionals will still have to tweak their photos and videos on a regular LCD because they're less saturated, and better represent real-world light and color.

Dell has still used a 0.1ms response time, so while its limited to 4K60, the OLED panel should be delivering images faster than a traditional LCD display. There's no G-Sync or FreeSync options, but I'm sure that'll change on future revisions. For now, a delicious 30-inch 4K OLED panel is now available for $3499 from Dell.

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