NVIDIA's new Titan Xp announced, ready for 8K60 HDR

NVIDIA unleashes the new TITAN Xp, with 3840 CUDA cores, 547GB/sec memory bandwidth, ready for 8K60 HDR content.

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - NVIDIA has just announced its new TITAN Xp graphics card - without any leaks, without any pre-release details - the first high-end/enthusiast level graphics card to arrive without major leaks.

NVIDIA's new Titan Xp announced, ready for 8K60 HDR 01

NVIDIA's new TITAN Xp is the world's most powerful graphics card, with NVIDIA bumping up a few of the specs of TITAN X - so we have 3840 CUDA cores (up from 3584 CUDA cores on TITAN X). There's still 12GB of GDDR5X, clocked at 11.4Gbps (compared to 10Gbps on TITAN X) on a 384-bit memory bus, which provides a huge 547.7GB/sec of memory bandwidth (up from the 480GB/sec on TITAN X).

NVIDIA's new Titan Xp announced, ready for 8K60 HDR 02

NVIDIA has also thrown in 4 more SMs (60 SMs, up from the 56 SMs on TITAN X) while the GPU clocks hit 1582MHz (up from 1531MHz on TITAN X).

The same 250W TDP applies, and the same $1200 pricing as well.

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