AMD Ryzen leaks: R7 1800X costs $499, line up is STRONG

AMD's upcoming Ryzen line up leaked, led by the $499 R7 1800X monster.

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AMD is mere weeks away from launching its new offensive on the CPU market, with Ryzen leaks coming daily now - and here we are, with the pricing, specs, clocks, and more on AMD's upcoming Ryzen CPUs.

AMD Ryzen leaks: R7 1800X costs $499, line up is STRONG 05

We know that Ryzen will be led by the R7 1800X flagship CPU, with the rumored price of $499 from last year reportedly sticking - the $499 processor will offer a base frequency of 3.6GHz, while it will boost up to 4GHz under Turbo, and 4GHz+ with better cooling.

AMD Ryzen leaks: R7 1800X costs $499, line up is STRONG 04

The new leaks are courtesy of an internal product list from a Chinese retailer, with the R7 1800X priced at a hot-damn-is-it-too-good-to-be-true $499, while the R7 1700X is $110 cheaper at $389 - dropping its overclocking abilities slightly, but the $319 processor in the R7 1700 is going to be a BEAST... 3GHz+ with 3.7GHz offered under Turbo, and the same 8C/16T configuration.

AMD, in my opinion, is going to completely rip apart the CPU market for 16-threaded chips - with the cheapest 16-thread processor costing $319. This is going to be an insane time for high-end/enthusiast customers who haven't been able to cough up the $2000+ required for a HEDT from Intel in the form of the Core i7-6950X and compatible motherboard.

The 6C/12T offerings in the Ryzen range are also going to shake up the Core i3/i5 markets - with the Ryzen 5 1500 offering 3.2/3.5GHz for base/turbo clocks respectively - unlocked for overclocking like all Ryzen CPUs, and just $229. The R5 1600X costs $259, bumping the clicks up to 3.3/3.7GHz, respectively.

If you don't have that type of cash to splash around but still want to see what Team Red has to offer with Ryzen, then the R5 1400X or even the R5 1300 could be the one for you. The R5 1400X is a 4C/8T part with a base/turbo clock of 3.5/3.9GHz, respectively - but with a price tag of just $199. The lower-end Ryzen R5 1300 retains the same 4C/8T goodness, while its clocked get downgraded to 3.3/3.6GHz, but its price is knocked down to just $175.

AMD is expected to unleash Ryzen in the coming weeks, and we are preparing for months of work ahead of us here at TweakTown.


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