Intel's new Core i3 hits 4.2GHz, beats last-gen Core i5

Intel's new Kaby Lake-based Core i3 hits 4.2GHz unlocked, beats Core i5 series processors from this generation.

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While we've been distracted with news of AMD's upcoming Zen architecture changing up the CPU game in 2017, we're hearing more about Intel's next-gen Kaby Lake architecture and how its flagship Core i7-7700K hits 5GHz without much volts, but also reaches 100C under load.

Intel's new Core i3 hits 4.2GHz, beats last-gen Core i5 |

Well, it looks like the Core i3-7350K processor could be the one to look for, with the unlocked Core i3 processor easily hitting 4.2GHz. In leaked benchmarks, the new Core i3-7350K scores 5137 in the single-core performance run of Geekbench, while it reaches 10,048 in multi-core testing. This might not sound like much, but it's Intel's new dual-core processor, beating the current-gen quad-core processor - and that's freakin' awesome.

Intel's upcoming unlocked Core i3 processor is something we've been wanting for a while, a cheaper CPU that overclocks well - giving me the feels of the Celeron 300A days. The new Core i3-7350K has a default clock of 4GHz, while it will boost up to 4.2GHz, sporting 4MB of cache and a 91W TDP.

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