Raw Data update has a huge list of new features, enemies

The new update for Raw Data adds a new 'Nightmare' difficulty, new enemies, missions and much more.

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Survios has been busy working away on what is arguably the first 'AAA' game in VR, with Raw Data really stirring up a huge following for HTC Vive owners, myself included.

Raw Data launched last month and debuted at #1 on the Steam Top Seller list on the day it launched, and that's in Early Access, after a popular run behind the scenes in testing. Survios has a huge update for Raw Data that is now rolling out, adding a slew of new enemies, features, and a brand new mission. Here's what to expect with the Raw Data update:

New Mission - Nuke Fusion

  • Experience an all-new Data Chamber-centric area of Eden Corp. Shoot enemies and dodge death beams as you teleshift across precarious platforms, all radiating from the massive reactor powering Eden's facilities.

New Enemy - Mega Dynomo

  • With your continuous disruptions of their plan, Eden Corp had to bring out the big guns-literally. Meet the Mega Dynomo: your encounter with him is certain to be smashing. (Pro tip: if you don't want to deal with the Mega, make taking out those bots booking it to the reactor your top priority!)

New Enemy - Beamfire Mekomo

  • The upgraded model of the Burstfire Mekomo (of which you've already destroyed hundreds) fires solid plasma energy beams with far greater accuracy than its spray-and-pray brethren.

New Defense - Plasma Turret

  • Turrets: they've always got your back. Now you can get an even more powerful version that eschews lasers in favor of plasma-powered directed-energy beams.

New Feature - Rack-Up Screen

  • Once you're back in the showroom after completing a mission, Mission Control will share a Data Link displaying your total uploaded raw data, mission scores, Crypto currency rewards, and available unlocked technologies-a.k.a. everything you need to know.

New Feature - Difficulty System

  • Whether you go it alone or team up with a fellow operative, now you can adjust how hard-hitting Eden's security system handles your infiltration. There's even a Nightmare mode for those daring (or foolish) enough to face a truly brutal challenge...

New Feature - Leaderboards

  • Think you're the top of SyndiK8's rankings? Now you can find out for sure with official Raw Data global rankings for individual players! (Note: leaderboards will be periodically cleared throughout Early Access period.)

New Feature - Multiplayer Quickplay

  • Team up and jump in. What are you waiting for? Humanity depends on you!
Raw Data update has a huge list of new features, enemies | TweakTown.com
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