New CryEngine V screenshots showcase impressive visuals

Crytek developers make some quick scenes in CryEngine V, showing off the power and flexibility of the new engine.

| Mar 26, 2016 at 7:00 pm CDT

Crytek recently announced its new next-generation CryEngine V graphics engine, which is optimized for DirectX 12 and VR gaming. The studio has been busily experimenting with the new engine, and now we have a nice glimpse at some of the fruits of their labor.


With CryEngine V, artists can create amazing environments with realistic effects like volumetric fog without bogging down CPU performance. Crytek lighting artist Damian Stempniewski recently showed off CryEngine V's lighting effects by applying the engine's SVOGI global illumination tech to forest scenes made in older engines. The results are pretty impressive, and Stempniewski says he built the environments only using stock CryEngine V assets.

Crytek's principal 3D/environment artist Finn Meinert Matthiesen spent just 30 minutes in CryEngine V to create the night scenes seen below. Matthiesen was playing around with various lighting and fog feature effects, showing just how versatile and powerful the CryEngine V is.

If these devs can create such amazing works in just half an hour, we can only imagine what Crytek--and other developers--will be able to achieve with months of work! Crytek is working on a number of VR games including Robinson: The Journey and the amazing Everest-scaling simulator The Climb, and with the help of the new CryEngine V, these experiences will become even better.

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