Nintendo NX console could launch with Zelda NX as a launch title

Zelda NX rumored to be a launch window title for the Nintendo NX console.

| Feb 20, 2016 at 9:27 pm CST

Nintendo is gearing up for its next-gen console release, currently codenamed 'NX', but what launch titles can we expect? Early rumors are pointing to Zelda, which would be a huge start for the company and its next-gen console.

Nintendo NX console could launch with Zelda NX as a launch title |

According to NintenGen, a source that works for Nintendo has said that the NX console would be released this year. Furthermore, Zelda NX would be released inside the launch window, meaning the new Zelda game would either launch with the NX console or very close to its launch. NintenGen reports: "The source at Nintendo is not able to give details on exactly what the NX is but since Zelda is definitely on the system it heavily indicates that it is a home console. Further information of the Nintendo NX functionality, specs and the controller interface are still secrets that are very deeply hidden within Nintendo".

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