Sega giving away Binary Domain, Streets of Rage II and Condemned on PC

More SEGA games are being discounted today as well as several games being absolutely free. Get in and download the free games while it lasts.

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The Make War Not Love 3 bundle just got a little larger. Now the free prize bundle of classic SEGA games includes a few more titular titles to get your retro juices flowing.

Sega giving away Binary Domain, Streets of Rage II and Condemned on PC |

Now through the following website, you can grab another three great games absolutely for free. But of course it's for a limited time only and the offer will eventually expire. Once redeemed, however, those games are yours forever. In the bundle are Streets of Rage II, Binary Domain and Condemned: Criminal Origins.

Aside from the free games, it seems that they're offering a significant amount of other SEGA titles for hugely discounted prices. Alpha Protocol (a surprisingly in-depth and fun game) is 80% off while several others enjoy similar discounts. The more you play, the site says, the more you win. This is being offered by SEGA and Creative Assembly with Relix Entertainment also helping gamers enjoy more games for cheap.

To get these games, you do have to sign-up and wait for a confirmation. Not a big deal, though you do have to agree to receive emails. That might be a deal-breaker despite the freeish games.


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