Optus gives Aussies bonus' for going prepaid on their mobile

Optus are giving Australians a limited-time upgrade on their current prepaid plans.

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If you're looking to have your phone completely off-contract and pay as you go, Optus Australia are promoting their business to all prepaid customers, throwing in some bonus' if you walk down that path - for a limited time only.

Optus gives Aussies bonus' for going prepaid on their mobile | TweakTown.com

As of today Optus will be offering an upgraded $30 AU prepaid service, which gives you 30 days of access, 1.5GB of data, 350 call minutes and $5 of extra credit for premium services (like MMS). In total this is a 500MB improvement on their previous $30 AU offering.

If you're looking to spend a little more, $45 AU will get you unlimited call minutes, 3GB of data and $10 of bonus credit. This is surpassed yet again by a $60 AU offering which will gather you unlimited minutes yet again and a beefier, 6GB of data.

This option is only available until the 19th of April, seeing customers who sign up before this date able to keep it for life - otherwise the old plan will be back on offer for all newcomers.

Also running on the Optus network, Amaysim offers a similar plan - seeing $44.90 AU a month grant you 5GB of data, unlimited calls and text messages over 30 days of access.

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