Smart devices get smaller - are Smart Rings worth the time of day?

Technology is pushing further towards portability and decreasing sizes - are Smart Rings going a little too far?

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Smartphones to Smartwatches and now Smart Rings, when will the downsizing of technology stop? Is it really worth developing and working on a tiny ring that's only real purpose is to inform you of a missed call or text message?

Smart devices get smaller - are Smart Rings worth the time of day? |

There's been a few different campaigns to get smart rings off the ground, with the MOTA: SmartRing even achieving $41,740 - well over its $35,000 goal.

Gizmodo had a chat to Kevin Bates, the man responsible for the Ö ring project. He gave a little insight into how crowd sourcing should work and exactly why he decided to undertake the project in the first place. Bates stated that "I made this just to see how small I could get the technology. I became inspired after seeing several crowdfunding campaigns for smart rings become hugely successful. I wanted to see if it was possible to develop a technology more advanced than what they had displayed in their promotional materials. In general, I think people should be more skeptical of hardware crowdfunding and demand to see more behind the scenes operation of the underlying technology."

This isn't the first project that Bates has been behind, working on tings such as this Tetris-bracelet and the incredible Tetris business card.

The same question still stands though - would you purchase a Smart Ring for everyday use and what features should it include, if so?


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