Battlefield 3 PC patch has gone live, tonnes of fixes

Battlefield 3 PC gets patched, visual and performance fixes, balance and gameplay adjustments includ.

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The PC version of Battlefield 3 received its patch last night, weighing in at roughly 450MB. The patch has a huge change log/fix list, which fixes a bunch of issues people were experiencing, also while balance and gameplay adjustments have been made.

Battlefield 3 PC patch has gone live, tonnes of fixes |

My triple-monitor, SLI system is still having issues. Even thought the patch includes "fixed multiple problems when using multiple monitors (Eyefinity/Surround)", this is my beef with DICE. There are countless people across Battlelog, and various other forums who are experiencing severe issues with multiple monitors. Did DICE not consult NVIDIA or AMD with this game? Did NVIDIA and AMD not test it on their setups? Did no-one at DICE, NVIDIA, or AMD, during testing, think to try it out on multi-monitor setups? Triple 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 30-inch setups would take me less than a few days of tinkering around. Yet, with all those teams and power, DICE couldn't do it?

This is why I'm so strongly opposed to consoles, and the development going to consoles for AAA titles. NVIDIA and AMD have all these new technologies like Eyefinity, Vision Surround, 3D Vision Surround, yet half the games either don't work on them, or have huge amounts of issues like BF3 does.


[I do apologise for the whinge, but hey, it kind of acts as a warning to the community about triple-monitor setups and Battlefield 3, something other sites aren't covering - if you want to discuss it with me, hit my e-mail up for a chat.]

There are so many fixes its not funny, which is absolutely great. I've heard good things about the patch (my setup is unplayable now, so I wouldn't know) with people even saying they experience higher performance (which is a great little upgrade). For the full list, check out the list below:

Visual and performance fixes

General performance and loading time improvements

"Black Screen" fix for an issue occurring on some PC Configurations

Stereo and Rendering Support for Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards

Adjusted the "stuttering" encountered on some PC configurations.

Fixed several Crashes when joining MP and Co-Op sessions

Fixed multiple problems when using multiple monitors (Eyefinity / Surround).

Fixed visual corruption issues on certain Nvidia Cards

Improved loading times for certain textures

Added console command "GameTime.MaxVariableFps" to limit max FPS

Added console command "UI.DrawEnable" to hide UI for screenshots / videos

Balance and gameplay adjustments

Fixed a problem with high speed mouse movement

Added back some missing Growlers on Kharg Island Conquest Large

Added back EOR sound for SQDM and TDM

You should no longer be able to damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open position

Grenades now drop to ground if you get killed while attempting to throw it(note the affect this will have on Hardcore mode!)

Spawn protection now should work in Conquest. You should no longer spawn on points too close to enemies

You should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM and SQDM

Combat areas on Kharg Rush tweaked in order to disallow defenders to access the carrier ship after 1st base is taken and being able to enter the AA gun

Fixed a problem with revived players not suffering suppression

Fixed a problem with the camera when being revived in COOP

Added joystick deadzone setting

Fixed sound for when climbing ladders

Fixed an issue with some weapon sounds in first person

Fixed a swim sound loop error

Increased the damage of Helicopter Miniguns, AA guns, and Jet Cannons against infantry

Increased the damage of Helicopter Miniguns against jeeps.

Reduced the physics impact of AA guns and Jet Cannons, players under attack from these weapons should no longer lose control.

Increased the damage of the 44 Magnum slightly.

Increased the range and minimum damage of the .357 Round from the MP412 Rex.

Increased the range of all .45cal and 9mm weapons.

Slightly increased the range of the P90 and MP7 and PDW-R.

Slightly increased the range of the 5.56mm PDW-R and decreased the minimum damage at long range.

Slightly increased the minimum range of the Mk11, SVD, and M39 EMR 7.62mm rifles.

Decreased the maximum damage and maximum range of the G3 and SCAR-H 7.62mm weapons.

Reduced the damage from FIM-92 and SA-18 IGLA missiles against aircraft.

Increased the damage and range of the 40mm BUCK rounds.

Reduced the damage .50cal weapons do against Helicopters.

Updated T90 canister shell tweaks to match Abrams canister shells

UI Changes (PC)

Added round duration and ticket summary at EOR

Advanced squad polish - should be more intuitive

Significant changes to the Join Squad functionality (see below)

Fixed a problem regarding keybindings while playing

You should now get a better error message when being disconnected via Battlelog

Server updates

EOD Bot exploit fix

Several crash fixes

Anti-stat padding measures taken, disallowing ranked servers to run obscure settings

Improved team kill kick configuration

Support for unranked servers. Unranked servers do not report players' scores to Battlelog, but server administrators can freely control all settings

Squad changes

Removed FIND ME A SQUAD option

Allow players to join empty Squads alone, thus having 1/4 squad members

Change order of options to LEAVE SQUAD, INV A FRIEND, SWITCH TEAM

Disable Privacy flag when 1 man squad

Reset Privacy flag from Private to Public when squad drops to 1 player

All occupied Squads will now show up colored blue on the Squad Selection screen

Players who choose not to join squads will also show up as Blue in the "Not in a Squad" line

Squads that are currently empty will display as white - if you wish to join an empty Squad, you can choose the first one marked with white text



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