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Tuniq fine-tunes thermal paste with TX-4

Offering up to 5% lower temps than TX-2.

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Tuniq has been working on improving its thermal paste recipe and has come out with the new TX-4 branded paste which it's aiming to release to market next month.

Tuniq fine-tunes thermal paste with TX-4 07

It goes without saying that Tuniq made sure TX-4 would offer better performance than TX-3. TX-4 has increased thermal conductivity and broader thermal range over previous pastes from the company. More specifically, its thermal conductivity is 6.53 W/mK and it has a temperature range of -45°C to 160°C.

Tuniq fine-tunes thermal paste with TX-4 06

A chart giving performance estimates hints that TX-4 will lower temps by as much as 5% over TX-2 and 11% over generic thermal pastes. Of course, they use their impressive Tower 120 Extreme to obtain these readings nestled atop a Core i5 750 processor at 4GHz under load (using Stress Prime 2004).

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