Zune HD's HD TV out videoed

Impressive functionality right from the dock.

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We have been talking about the Zune HD a lot lately especially given its potential as a true competitor of the existing champ, the iPod touch/iPhone.

We have seen the browser, the case, the hardware underneath, the dock. pretty much everything. The one missing component has been just how well does the 720p HD out to TV work?

If it is crap then the Zune loses a big part of its attraction. If it is great then there is another bit of ammo to fire at the iPod.

Well your questions have been answered. There is a video of the Zune's HD TV menu. This is used when you connect your Zune to your HD TV Via the Zune HD's Dock.

It is an impressive video as they show the all the HD functions. The Zune is not just about HD video. There is an HD Radio receiver (another thing the iPod does not have.

As with many other Zune HD articles the tone is showing just how impressive the new Zune with Tegra under the hood really is. Let's just hope that MS can market it right.

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