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Kevin Smith announces 'He-Man' TV series that continues from the 80's

By: Jak Connor | HT & Movies | Posted: 13 hours, 48 mins ago

Netflix's Castlevania studio will be making a brand new TV show called Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The show is a He-Man anime series and is produced by Kevin Smith.




Netflix will be working with Kevin Smith who is known for his work in Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks and Mallrats. The announcement for the show came from Power-Con convention and touched on what fans can expect to see. According to announcement, Masters of the Universe: Revelation will focus on some unresolved storylines of the classic '80's TV show, essentially picking up right where it was left off.


Smith commented on the announcement, saying "I'm Eternia-ly grateful to Mattel TV and Netflix for entrusting me with not only the secrets of Grayskull, but also their entire Universe. In 'Revelation,' we pick up right where the classic era left off to tell an epic tale of what may be the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor! Brought to life with the most metal character designs Powerhouse Animation can contain in the frame, this is the Masters of the Universe story you always wanted to see as a kid!"

New Obi-Wan Star Wars show coming on Disney+, Ewan McGregor to star

By: Derek Strickland | HT & Movies | Posted: 2 days, 5 hours ago

Disney plans to bolster its new streaming service with an Obi-Wan Star Wars show, sources tell Variety.




A new Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off show is in planning phases of development at Disney, and Ewan McGregor is currently in negotiations to star. The project will be a big driver for Disney's new $7 a month Netflix-smashing streaming service, which now combines ESPN, base Hulu with ads, and Disney+ all for $12.99 a month.


The show itself would further bridge the gap between the prequels and original trilogy, fleshing out the timeline already solidified with The Clone Wars animated show. The move comes after rumors and fan requests for an Obi-Wan movie series, but Disney held off because it didn't want to saturate the Star Wars movie market, instead focusing on mainline sequels rather than spin-offs like the ill-fated Han Solo film.

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New Shia LaBeouf movie 'Honey Boy' official Redband Trailer

By: Jak Connor | HT & Movies | Posted: 1 week ago

A new trailer has been released for Shia LeBeouf's newest addition to the film industry. The movie will concentrate on the events of a young boy aspiring to become a actor.



Firstly, the above trailer is the Redband Trailer so view at your own discretion. Honey Boy is a screenplay written by Shia LaBeouf and is based on his own experiences as a young child actor and struggling to reconcile with his father while also dealing with his mental health.


LaBeouf takes on the therapeutic challenge of his own father who is an ex-rodeo clown and a felon. We see glimpses of the relationship struggle between LaBeouf's character and his son who is played by Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place). The struggles we see in 'Honey Boy' seem to be an accurate representation of LaBeouf experienced in real-life, which could mean 'Honey Boy' might be LaBeouf's best performance yet.

Game of Thrones writers lured to Netflix by 9 figure deal

By: Jak Connor | HT & Movies | Posted: 1 week, 4 days ago

Netflix is reportedly splashing cash around, and their most recent lure to their platform is no other than the writers for the legendary show, Game of Thrones.




A recent report coming out of Deadline has claimed that both David Benioff and D.B Weiss will be directing and produce some new shows and movies on Netflix's platform. Netflix's Ted Sarandos spoke to Deadline and said "They are a creative force and have delighted audiences worldwide with their epic storytelling. We can't wait to see what their imaginations will bring to our members."


According to Mashable, this deal was made is in the 9 figures range and if that rumor is correct, Netflix could of offered The Davids upwards of $100,000,000+. Honestly, that seems like an astronomical amount of money, and to be completely fair there has been no official documentation or statements regarding that figure, so I would certainly take that information with a hundred-million pinches of salt.

Upcoming 'Joker' Movie is an 'achievement on a high level'

By: Jak Connor | HT & Movies | Posted: 1 week, 5 days ago

Just like every year, there is a line of highly anticipated movies to come out, and one of those movies is the fresh new take on The Joker.




The upcoming Joker movie stars, Joaquin Phoenix and will be arriving in theaters around the globe in October. Cameron Bailey, the co-head and artistic director for the Toronto festival where the movie will be premiering this month has spoken out about the film to Toronto Sun. Bailey begins by saying "First of all it's terrific. So it should play on our largest stage. But it's a really original take on comic book movies and on the Joker character in particular".


For those that didn't know, this upcoming Joker movie is not based on the comic books at all and is instead a fresh new take on the character. Bailey continues and says "It's not based on an existing story, it has one of the greatest actors in modern cinema, Joaquin Phoenix, in the lead, and Robert De Niro is in it as well, one of the best actors that has ever lived." He continues and says "But it has an interesting tone and approach to it. It's set in the late '70s, early '80s and it feels like it was made then".

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Event Horizon TV show announced for Amazon Prime Video

By: Anthony Garreffa | HT & Movies | Posted: 1 week, 6 days ago

If you haven't watched Event Horizon yet, as in the 1997 movie starring Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Neill, then you need to - it is a classic. One of the best sci-movies you can watch... and to remind you about it, here's the trailer:



Well, it's coming back in a new announcement that Amazon has teamed with Paramount on a new Event Horizon series that would be exclusive to Amazon Prime Video. Adam Wingard will be directing, coming in from Godzilla vs. Kong and before that the reboot of Blair Witch. He'll also be an executive producer with Larry Gordon and Llyod Levin who were producers on the original Event Horizon movie.


There's no ETA on the series and no details on the plot but the original 1997 movie saw a ship out in the depths of space, with the crew led by Fishburne through an alternate dimension... and then things get, interesting. You just read that in the deepest voice in a 90s-era style voice over, didn't you?

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The Matrix returning to cinemas with Dolby Atmos and Vision

By: Anthony Garreffa | HT & Movies | Posted: 1 week, 6 days ago

I still remember driving over an hour to the only PC store in my state that was selling the Pioneer DVR-104 at the time, stopping off and grabbing The Matrix on DVD, and playing it every single day after high school in awe.



The Matrix is coming back to cinemas in a big way with its re-release coming in with the latest in technology with AMC's Dolby Cinemas across the US to offer the movie with a Dolby Vision picture and Dolby Atmos audio. It all kicks off for a week starting August 30, running into the first week of September.


Both the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technologies are available in the physical versions of The Matrix on Blu-ray, but if you wanted to see it on the big screen in the best way, this is your chance. Grab your tickets now!

The Halo TV series will include Windows' very own Cortana AI

By: Jak Connor | HT & Movies | Posted: Aug 5, 2019 @ 4:00 CDT

If you didn't know, there is currently a Halo TV series in the works and to go along with legendary character Master Chief, Microsoft's Cortana AI has been casted




According to a recent announcement, Natascha McElhone who is known for her role in Ronin and Californiacation will be portraying the extremely well known AI, Cortana as well as Dr. Catherine Halsey who created the Spartan super-soilders like Master Chief. Other actors to join McElhone are; Fargo's Bokeem Woodbine as Soren-066, Shabana Azmi as Office of Naval Intelligence head Admiral Margaret Parangosky


More actors that have been casted are; Avengers: Age of Ultron's Bentley Kalu, The Witcher's Natasha Culzac and Catastrophe's Kate Kennedy. The Halo TV series won't be going into production until later this year, and is expected to go to air sometime within the first quarter of 2021. Halo fans around the world will have to wait patiently for this one.

Halo TV show set for 2021, may star evil Spartan

By: Derek Strickland | HT & Movies | Posted: Aug 2, 2019 @ 18:33 CDT

The Halo TV show is now slated for early 2021 and a bunch of new characters have been cast, Showtime today announced.




From the sounds of it, Showtime, 343i, and Microsoft are all heeding my advice about the Halo TV show. In an open letter to the companies, I asked to see some pivotal, dramatic moments from the Halo franchise reborn on the small screen. Halo is and always has been a story about hope against an indomitable foe from the stars, and it's imperative viewers see that. Showtime execs assured us the Halo series would deliver personal, human stories grounded around strong character development.


I didn't necessarily believe them until now. And it's all because of Soren-066, a little-known failed Spartan from the Halo: Evolutions short story collection. Soren-066 was the last character I thought would show up in the Halo TV show. Master Chief, Cortana, Fred, Kelly...those are a given. Even Parangosky isn't surprising. But Soren? That's a curveball.

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Martin Scorsese's first Netflix film 'The Irishman' unveiled

By: Jak Connor | HT & Movies | Posted: Aug 2, 2019 @ 3:00 CDT

Legendary director Martin Scorsese has struck up a deal with video streaming goliath Netflix for his first Netflix film 'The Irishman'.



The above trailer has been released onto the official Netflix UK & Ireland YouTube Channel, revealing the brand new project by Martin Scorsese. From the trailer, we can see that Robert De Niro and Al Pacino will be taking to the big screen to shine a light on an epic saga of organized crime in post-war America. Robert De Niro will be playing the role of Frank Sheeran who is a hustler and hitman who worked alongside some of the most notorious figures of the 20th Century.


The movie will concentrate on the the point of view of Frank Sheeran and the disappearance of legendary union boss Jimmy Hoffa. According to the description in the video, the movie will offer "a monumental journey through the hidden corridors of organized crime: its inner workings, rivalries and connections to mainstream politics." Other actors included in the movie are: Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Graham. The Irishman will be be arriving in select cinema's and Netflix this fall.