iPhone 3G S falls to the Jailbreakers! - Update

purplera1n fills the skies!

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And all is well in the iPhone world again. At about 2:00AM GeoHot, the man with all the plans released purplera1n a jailbreak for all of the 3G S owners out there.

This means that all three of the mighty Apples have fallen to the Jailbreak community.

The new Jailbreak is not without its issues, as of right now it only works with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Windows 7 and OSX users have to wait a little longer.

You might also have to run it a couple of times before it works (I had to run it four times.) Once purplera1n is done you then have to run freeze to install Cydia. This is another one that might need to be run more than once.

Reboot after running freeze and you are good to go with your Jailbroken iPhone 3G S!

A word of caution, not all apps work on the 3G S as of right now installing winterboard may cause you to end up in safemode with no way to get out of it other than uninstalling winterboard.

Some are saying that you have to restore in DFU mode and run purplera1n again to get it working.

iPhone 3G S falls to the Jailbreakers!

Update, I also want to add that the Chronic Dev Team was a major player in the new Jailbreak, I forgot to mention them in my first draft.

If you have a jailrboken 3G S go and give them some thanks! @chronicdevteam @p0sixninja
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