nVidia In Insurance Trouble

Their own Insurance Company wont belive them.

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nVidia is having a little bit of trouble with their insurance. It seems that after they had that little spot of trouble with the defective GPUs and MCPs in Dell, HP and Toshiba Laptops they made a claim on their insurance.

The problem is that they did not give any details of the issue. They simply sent a bill over and expected the money in return. To National Union Fire Insurance Company (NUFI) this was simply not good enough.

They asked for some more information so they could determine if this payout was proper and all was well. nVidia did not give them the requested information, and in some cases flat out refused to give it.

This has led to a lawsuit being filed by NUFI against nVidia over the defective GPUs and MCPs. They want to know exactly which GPUs/MCPs were defective, who they were sold to and when, and also they want to determine if this was a defect or an outside cause.

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nVidia In Insurance Trouble

The story was broken by a certain Mike Magee at TG Daily on Friday, and it has a lot of juicy bits. The short story is that the list of defective chips shipped by Nvidia goes back to the NV4x generation, and the list of OEMs affected counts ten and basically includes every Nvidia customer.

NUFI complains bitterly that Nvidia has been covering up essential information it is entitled to receive as Nvidia's insurer by refusing to disclose even the most basic facts about the company's GPU chip failures.

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