AMD to Demo Havok on ATi GPUs

ATi may finally be getting Physics for the GPU.

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AMD is jumping on the Physics on GPU bandwagon finally (after being the first ones to talk about it years ago)

This time they are teaming up with Havok and are even planning a demonstration at the Gamers Development Conference on the march 26th.

This is an interesting shift from AMD's previous direction. At the demo AMD will talk about open standards based physics with OpenCL and ATi Stream. They will also talk about Server-side rendering by AMD's Fusion Render Cloud. In all I think the highlight will be the Physics Demo on ATi GPUs.

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AMD to Demo Havok on ATi GPUs

No matter how you look at it, physics on graphics cards is still one big mess. Nvidia has PhysX, Microsoft is working on Direct Physics and Intel acquired Havok to jump on the physics train. AMD decided to go with Havok as well and we now have word that the company will be showing off its progress at the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

A session preview reveals that AMD will talk about "open, standards-based physics with OpenCL and ATI Stream" as well as "content scalability through server-side rendering powered by AMD's Fusion Render Cloud." However, AMD's Terry Makedon revealed through Twitter that the company will be showing Havok-based physics. The event is scheduled for Thursday, March 26.

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