Sparkle launches DLC cooling Enhancement

Diamond-Like Carbon knocks off 5c.

Published Mon, Feb 16 2009 12:49 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:37 PM CST
Sparkle is introducing a new type of cooling. This new cooling technology has been dubbed DLC or Diamond-Like Carbon.

DLC by itself is not a new cooling material; it is also not a thermal paste. What it is; is a new coating material that enhances the cooling properties of other metals (Aluminum or Copper).

Sparkle's testing has shown that by applying DLC to a stock heatsink you can reduce temperatures by as much as 5c. DLC also appears to harden the material and make it more resistant to scratching and bending.

Read more here at Theo Valich's Blog.

Sparkle launches DLC cooling Enhancement

Now, to clear any potential confusion, DLC is not a replacement material for aluminum, carbon or something similar. DLC is used as a coating on existing material, and it will enhance its thermal properties. Achieved results are quite interesting - according to Sparkle, their conventionally-cooled GeForce 9500GT heats up to 88C. After Diamond-like Carbon membrane was applied to the same radiator, temperatures dropped by five degrees Celsius, down to 83C. Now, to make things more interesting, heat is not the only issue that DLC effectively deals with. Apparently, this super-hard carbon coating also increases resistance to bending and scratches, making this material very desireable for copper fins, that just "love" to bend after just looking at them.

It will be interesting to see future GeForce graphics cards coming from Sparkle, since now the company can use its Diamond Sputtering Tech on regular Nvidia-supplied coolers as well, manufacturing DLC-clad graphics cards from their launch onwards. If price premium is not an issue, this technology is one interesting newcomer to watch.

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