Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior Walkthrough

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Level 1 - The Drop

Upon landing head for the trenches, keep going through the small bunker and  back out into the trenches, past the wrecked tank

(optional) after killing the courier head left and clear out the bunker, watch out for the gun turret.

Enter the doorway on your left and take out the sergeant before heading through the open doorway and out into the trenches.

Turn left and fight your way to the end, making good use of explosive barrels

Clear the room and head through the door at the top of the ramp.

Run through the trench, watching out for enemy soldiers above you then climb the ladder and help your allies kill all imperial soldiers to open the gate.

Go through the gate and press the switch by the door of the building to your left to enter it

Press the switch on the right of the wall to open the next gate then use the mounted gun to take out the imperials until the exit to the room is unlocked by fire warrior.

Leave the room and head through the gate you opened, watch out for enemies on higher ground as you head through the trench, keep going until you receive objective "search for door control" at the locked door.

Turn right and head past the barricades towards the building at the end, watching out for the gun turret. Press the switch inside to open the door and complete your objective.

Fight your way to the now unlocked door and drop into the trenches, killing any imperials in your path.

The first path to the left leads to a dead end, take the second path to the left and fight your way to the bunker full of enemies, grenades will help here.

Press the switch in the bunker to open the gate

Go through the gate and along the trench until you reach the bunker at the end, completing the level.


Level 2 - The Push

After the mission briefing leave the bunker and fight your way through the trenches until you reach the mounted gun turret

 Use the mounted gun to clear the area of enemies then wait until a Fire Warrior has blown up the barrier blocking your path

Carry on going until you reach the door covered by a blue barrier, turn right and kill the sergeant, taking his blue key card, then head through the blue door.

Keep going until you reach a large door, head through and kill all enemies then press the switch to the left of the elevator to call it down

Take the elevator up and keep going until you reach an electric barrier, deactivate it with the switch on the right then kill the sergeant inside and take his orange key, carry on through the level.

Kill the sergeant in side room at the bottom for his Magenta key then go outside and kill all enemies (lusha will talk to you over the radio when this is done)

Get behind cover and destroy the Valkyrie (grenades will help) then head through the door indicated by the waypoint marker, up the ramp and into the drop ship to finish the level.


Level 3 - Watch Towers

Leave the drop ship and help the other Fire Warriors clear the area of enemy troops so they will blow up the barricade blocking access to the next area, some of the enemy troops are high up in a building and can be hard to hit.

Carry on going until you reach the waypoint and receive objective " demolish rubble to gain access to caves" then turn around and head back to your new objective and plant the bomb to blow up the blockage

Head through the caves and blow up your next target (a pipe) then drop down and head to the left, avoiding the security cameras by keeping away from the red beams of light.

Enter the door on the left at the end of the tunnel and press the switch in the room at the end to open the doorway blocking your path, use the mounted gun on the left to kill all enemies then proceed through the door they came from. If you failed to avoid the security cameras the door to the mounted turrets will be locked and many enemies will attack you but the door you must go through will be opened automatically.

Keep going through the room full of enemies and up the stairs to get "destroy imperial artillery" objective, keep going until you have destroyed all artillery with bombs.

Head upstairs and follow the path around until you reach the control room, kill the sergeant inside and press the switch to complete "activate ramps" objective, then head downstairs.

kill sergeant indicated by waypoint for key

head to waypoint and go through door

take cover in courtyard until ramps are re-opened

go down the ramp to finish level


Level 4 - The Cells

Clear first room and turn off alarm to stop enemy re-enforcements

shoot the buttons on the right of cell doors to open them and free Tao prisoners

Pass through sections B and C

Enter the purgatorium and kill sergeant for his key

Go through next door, shoot out vent cover and go through vent to section D

Head for the arbitorium and keep away from door at end of hallway when it is blown up

Keep going until you are back in arbitorium, kill sergeant for key then head through blue key door and onto lift to finish level.


Level 5 - Deep Level

Head through tunnel and enter room that you get locked into

Kill all enemies and carry on through level

Head down the stairs and destroy the vent cover to enter the vent.

Keep going until you reach the confessionorium, you will see Ko'vash being tortured

Kill the space marine then go through the doorway behind you (not the one the space marine opened) and press the switch.

Follow Ko'vash and enter the drop ship to finish the level, Ko'vash cannot die


Level 6 - Unwelcome guests

Follow Lusha and Ko'vash to get your gun

Continue through the level until you reach a room with a vent

Go through vent and keep going until you are inside the elevator

Kill sergeant in long room for yellow key and continue through level

When you get to the room with the damaged door kill all enemies and protect the engineer that is sent to open door

When door is opened continue through level and go up lift, you must not take too long through the next section or the enemy will receive many re-enforcements.

Carry on through several rooms until you have to take a right into the imperial winch room (through the badly damaged hallway)

Climb up the ladder, down the ladder next to it then plant bomb and escape the way you came.

Head for the lift and finish the level.


Level 7 - The Invaders

Clear first room and wait for sergeant to appear, take his blue key and head up through level until you reach the elevator

Carry on through the level until the hallway curves back down, kill the sergeant at the bottom of this hallway for his magenta key and continue through the level until you have re-activated the lift.

Head back to the central room, kill all enemies then head for the elevator to finish the level.


Level 8 - System Shutdown

Play through the level until you reach the room with the imperial tri-key barrier.

The 3 keys can be collected in any order:

Orange Tri-key

Go through the door you originally entered the tri-key room from (on the right when facing tri-key)

Go through the doorway that explodes and into the next room, be careful of the wall on the left as you enter, it explodes.

Head up the ladder, along the blue hallway and into any of the vents to kill the sergeant for his Orange Tri-key

Carry on going until you are back at the Tri-key barrier room

Magenta Tri-key

Go through the door across from the tri-key barrier; be careful not to be swarmed by enemies.

(optional)  take a right in the second hallway to get to a balcony over the generator room

Press the switch in the room at the end of the hallway to kill sergeant then press again to open door for you to collect the magenta tri-key.

Fight your way back to the Tri-key barrier room.

Blue Tri-key

Go through the door to the left of the tri-key barrier and fight your way along to the generator room

Head past the force field and use the button in the side room to deactivate it

Kill the sergeant for his Blue Tri-key then head back to the Tri-key room


After you have all 3 Tri-keys go through to the generator room

bomb the shields

kill the tech priests

follow the way-point to finish the level


Level 9 - Diversion

collect ammo, go through vent and along hallway avoiding leaking coolant

go through the vent at the end, through the computer room and into the hallway

walk into the door on the left to receive objective "activate fans"

go through the newly unlocked door to kill sergeant for blue key, the room next to this is full of health and ammo

head back to computer room and through blue barrier door to activate fans

follow the waypoint and go through previously irradiated corridor and kill all enemies in the next room to unlock door

bomb the blockage in the cinema and go through vents

proceed through level until you reach the lift

after the Fire Warriors have bombed the barricades carry on through level until you reach the bridge

Go into one of the side rooms until space marines attack, the best way to deal with them is with grenades from your Pulse Carbine or using the weapons they drop.

 After securing the area take lift down and enter dropship to finish the level.


Level 10 - Clear the Decks

Fight your way up to the Gun turret, kill all enemies in turret before dropping down and planting bomb

Head back down to start area and through newly opened door

Follow waypoint to guns and plant bombs, watch out for explosive items in area and avoid getting caught in the blast from your bombs.

Head back to start area and through newly destroyed door opposite the door you just came out of.

Press switches to get through to next outdoor section

Run to doorway at waypoint and fight your way through to guns

This section is very dangerous as you are constantly attacked by groups of enemies, be careful.

Bomb both guns, climb ladder to bomb gun turret then head back to outdoor area

You will be attacked by a squad of space marines, pick up the bolter dropped by the marine by the door you come out of as bolters and grenades are your only effective weapons against the marines.

After killing marines press switch to open door back to the hallway full of space marine statues

Go up both sets of stairs and up lift

Press switch to de-activate shields and complete the level


Level 11 - Power House

Kill all enemies in first room and use switch across from door to open gate

Go through gate and deal with ambush

The door to the left leads to room full of ammo and grenades

Go through large door in corner and through to library for Magenta key

Go back to central room, through remaining door and through vent in furnace

Keep going until Lusha talks to you, note the barrels in the hallway

Enter side hallway, shoot barrels to distract marine and keep going

After first doorway enter vent on left and shoot marines through hole in floor

Drop down and flip switch on left wall to close vent floor then re-enter vent and carry on

Wait for lift, get on then enter alcove when it reaches the bottom and continue to room on the right

Press button then go back to hallway and get to the end, avoiding the security cameras by staying away from the red beams (the door at the end can take a while to open)

enter observation room then leave and continue through level to operating theatre for Orange key

watch out for guards with shotguns as you leave, go through orange barrier press button and take lift down

plant bombs on engine (watching out for space marines) and enter lift to complete level


Level 12 - Distant Eyes

kill enemies at start and pick up sniper rifle

Look out the windows and snipe the 3 snipers on the towers, do not cross bridge before completing this objective or you will be killed.

Watch out for hidden enemy snipers in this level; use your rifle to kill enemies at long range.

Use lever in room across the stairs to deactivate barrier, go through door and into room on left

Press button to unlock door at end of hallway, carry on through hallway and kill both space marines

Exit hallway and kill all 5 enemy snipers to complete objective, crossing 2nd bridge before object is complete will kill you. 2 snipers are on towers to the right, 2 on the raised section next to 2nd bridge and one far back on the fortress behind snipers by bridge.

Cross bridge and enter long hallway, enemies will drop from the ceiling, flip switch to carry on, use lots of grenades here.

Go all the way upstairs and kill space marines in center of room to complete level.


Level 13 - No rest for the wicked

Climb down ladder, follow marine to meeting room and collect your weapon

Continue through level avoiding red chaos goo until you reach lift

Take lift down and walk onto bridge that is lowered, you must kill both chaos marines on bridge before it will be lowered

Go through vents, down ladder and into sewers

In the sewers be careful of chaos marines teleporting in behind you and don't walk into the red chaos portals as they will kill you.

After you climb up a small ladder in second sewer room you will be attacked by large group of chaos marines, if you have trouble go back down the ladder and let your shields recharge.

After all marines are dead the door at the end will be unblocked, go through to finish the level.


Level 14 - Silence the guns

Carefully drop down the hole using the pipes

Walk into the side section of the hallway as it starts blowing up and use both levers to put out flames and continue.

Kill the chaos marines and go upstairs to the conference room

After Ardias has finished talking leave room and continue through level (do not try and enter the chaos portal)

Snipe enemies from the lift then go down and follow waypoint to bomb

Kill all enemies, plant bomb then escape

Go through opposite set of doors and take lift down, you will be attacked on both sides by chaos marines.

Enter lift at the bottom to finish level.


Level 15 - Last Chance

Turn right at the start, at the broken bridge drop onto the pipes on the right and cross over (be careful not to fall)

Turn right and take lift down, you should have at least 3:30 left

Continue through level, if you collect the minigun ammo and grenades you can lose a lot of health very quickly from the chaos goo next to it.

When you get the "jump down to lower decks" objective you must walk to the end of the platform, jump down to the left, walk along the girder towards the wall, jump left and walk across the girder to the left.

If you need health crouch to get under the doorway on the right in the hallway, then head back to the jumping room.

Turn right and jump onto the girder slightly below, walk to end of girder and jump diagonally across to a much lower platform, then walk across the girder into the hallway and through several escape pod rooms

Drop down the hole in the last pod room to face the chaos dreadnought

Shoot the dreadnought in the arms first, make good use of cover and use the rocket launchers that are scattered around on it. The dreadnought will not leave the central area so you are mostly safe in the side rooms, you must finish this battle quickly as there is a short time limit.

After killing the dreadnought you must enter the large blue drop pod in a side room before time runs out.


Level 16 - City in Tatters

Make your way through the level until you go down a set of stairs

Shoot the chaos marines that come down on the lift and take lift up

Turn left, go up the stairs and into the building

Go downstairs and collect the Tau rifle in the corner then head back upstairs through the unlocked door in the corner on the left.

Kill all enemies in this area, the Tau rifle makes the fights against the large chaos marine terminators much easier.

Press the button on the left in the room at the top of the stairs to open the door in the left hand corner (turn right when leaving button room)

Go through the door to finish level


Level 17 - Titanic

Go outside pick up the ammo and grenades in the pools of blood, go down the ramp through the door on the right

Kill chaos marines, go into door straight ahead then back out and through newly opened door

Keep going until you find the titan room, in this room stay close to the wall on the left and snipe the chaos sorcerer by the titans feet

Go through the first door on the right and collect the blue key in the pool of blood in the room

Go back the way you came until you reach the blue key barrier, take the lift up.

Kill all marines around the titan, sniping the marines across the walkway will make things easier for you

Go through the doorway, keep going and take the door on the left to reach the walkway around the titan, plant both bombs.

Head back and take the doorway to the left to get outside, snipe the chaos terminator then go up the ramps and through the door on the right.

Press button in side room to lower pelvic ramp, head back down to the level you planted the first bombs on and cross the ramp to plant the 3rd bomb

Go back outside, up the ramps and up the elevator on the left.

Press the switch on the right to call moving platform over, take platform across and drop onto the boxes.

Walk towards the open door and a portal will appear, kill the enemy that comes out and prepare for a tough fight against a chaos demon

Keep strafing and jumping to avoid the plasma shots, the demon will teleport when you look at it so shoot quickly, the bolters secondary fire is the best way of dealing with it as the plasma gun and Tau rifle are too slow.

Go inside and drop into the middle cable hole

Plant bomb inside titans head then leave titan, turn left and walk past the chaos portal to the end of the walkway and enter the lift to finish level.


Level 18 - Decent

Snipe the 3 chaos marines and enter the building past the trenches

Kill all enemies in this room to clear the way, its safest to shoot them from the room at the bottom left

Go through a series of rooms killing all enemies then return to the hole previously covered by a portal and drop down

Shoot the marine in the head with your rifle as he walks through the portal or he will shoot you with a rocket launcher

Carry on going deeper into the pit killing all enemies to clear the way

As you pass the checkpoint be ready for a chaos marine with a rocket launcher to teleport in front of you

Go up the ramp, kill the sorcerer and marine and keep going until you reach a large hall

Hide in the side rooms and kill all enemies then go near large portal and a greater demon will come out

If you have trouble killing it hide in the side rooms and snipe it, after it is dead go through the portal it came out of

Kill the terminator and sorcerer (charged up plasma gun shots from where you land work well here) then jump through the portal in the middle of the room to finish level


Level 19 - Convergence

Pick up ammo and kill the 3 chaos spawn

Jump to the ledge on the left instead of dropping down so you can get a rocket launcher, if you go right after dropping you will get health and ammo but a rocket marine will spawn behind you

Kill all enemies to proceed

You may notice ledges with health and ammo on, these are sometimes hard to jump on but it is possible

Kill all 5 enemies in the room with the blue head doorway and a dreadnought will appear, shoot it in the arms and use the pillars for cover, then kill the terminator, if you haven't used it yet take the Meltagun on the left hand side of the room (save it for the next dreadnought) and go through the blue door

Walk into the corner near the red health pack and kill both enemies to continue

Carry on through level killing rocket marines and jump on the lift

Kill all enemies at the bottom and another dreadnought will appear, shoot it in the arms with your rifle and Meltagun if you have it then destroy its body

Take next lift down and destroy the chaos spawn, a Meltagun will help a lot here

Take the lift down and go down the stairs on the other side of the pit to finish the level


Level 20 - The Face of Chaos

Follow the waypoints to plant the bombs, you will be attacked in every bomb room

The 4th bomb room contains a terminator, you may want to bring a rocket launcher or Meltagun to use against him

Stay on the platforms around the edge and shoot severus with rockets and your rifle

His demon form is most easily defeated with rockets or a Meltagun

Congratulations, you've completed fire warrior.

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