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Kyle slides down a chute and lands in a big, ruined room open to the sky.  His only choice for an exit is the left hand door.

After he goes through the door he will find himself in a hallway, and in the hallway is a pedestal with a force holocron on it.  Kyle needs to pick this up to unlock the door at the end of the hall.  

This holocron grants kyle a rank on Force Push.

Through the door is a hall with six-sided panels on the walls and engraved slabs of stone on the floor.  Kyle must align the correct symbols on the floor slabs in a line down the center of the room (where the arrows are pointing).  If he spins the six-sided panels with force push, they will clue him in to which symbol is correct for each corresponding floor slab, or the player can just guess until he gets it right.  Regardless of how he does it, getting the puzzle right opens the door at the end of this room.  (Note: On Easy level the clues spin around for the player by themselves)

Through the door is a hall with the next holocron.'

This holocron gives him a rank in Force Pull.

The next room has a water covered floor and many stones set into the outside of the wall that can be force pulled out to make steps going up around the room.

Kyle needs to pull these out and hop up the to get to the balcony across the way.  There is also a secret stash of items just past the balcony in a small niche.  Kyle can pull out a few additional stones to reach it, but these few stones (with the exception of the final one he stands on) will retract into the wall after being out for a few seconds

Through the door on the balcony is the second level of the room Kyle entered at level start.  There is a holocron here.  (If the player jumps down in to the main room...he has to run his way back around to the balcony again.)

This holocron gives him a rank on Force Speed.

Past the holocron at the other end of the balcony is a hole in the floor which drops the player into a hallway with sealed doors.

Kyle must step on the small button in the hallway corner to open the door to the main pressure plate.

Once in here, Kyle has to stand on the plate to lower all the doors along his path in the hallway, activate Force speed and try to run the gauntlet before he gets sealed in.  If he gets caught behind a door, he can walk back to the pressure plate, since he can open the doors from inside each chamber leading back to the main pressure plate but not in the other direction.
After the speed puzzle, Kyle comes to a room with the pedestal holding the saber, and as he enters it rises up through the hole in the room's roof out of reach. Take the ramps up out of this room to the next room which holds a holocron.

This holocron gives Kyle a rank in Force Jump.

This is the last power he gets in the trial.

The door past the holocron leads back to the ground level of the room Kyle entered the level on.

He needs to Force Jump up the balcony he could not get to originally (above where he just came into the room) to proceed.

The next room Kyle comes to has a gate at the other end, a floating wooden bridge and 4 water spout stone heads on the left hand force pulling the heads they start gushing water, the water level rises, this raises the bridge which in turn is connected to the gate, raising it as well.  The player then must force speed across the bridge and hop up to the ledge before the gate lowers again

Once past this is a hallway ending in a locked/sealed door and a cracked wall.  The player needs to force push the wall to shatter it and go on through.

The next room is a tall room with three large blocks in tracks, supported by smaller stone blocks.  The player needs to push the small blocks in to drop the larger blocks in to place.  One this is done, he can jump from large block to large block and make his way up to the balcony.

In the next hallway past the block room is another large pressure plate.  This starts the bridge/plank in motion at the end of the hallway.  The bridge moves back and forth in front of the mouth of the hallway quickly, and the player must use force speed and time his jump across off of the bridge to the ledge beyond to proceed.

Kyle is now in the final trial room, holding the pillar which has his lightsaber on top of it.

The player must go to the pillar and push in the small, round, support pins on the main pillar.  This willd rop it in to position and  lower the pressure plate into a position Kyle can reach.

On the left wall of the room is a pressure plate which sinks under Kyle's weight and lines up with a ramp out of the floor when at its lowest level.  This plate raises the cage holding the lightsaber while weight is on it.  The player needs to ride it down, activate Force Speed, run up the ramp towards the pillar and Force Pull his saber out from under the raised cage before it covers it again.

Once he has his saber, he needs to cut the supports to the counterweights by the exit door (by using saber throw), cut the maglock off of the next door, and then proceed.

A cinematic between Kyle and Luke the starts.

End level
Load NS_Streets.

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