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1.  Start on the catwalk beneath the city.  Enter vertical shaft by cutting through any one of the three metal grates, being careful not to get blown off by gusts of air.

2.  A big metal thing goes up and down in the shaft.  Crawl through a vent when big metal thing is down and ride it up towards adventure.

3.  Jump off big metal thing at the top of the shaft and kill people.  The door out is locked when the big metal thing is in motion.  It unlocks when the big metal thing pauses at the top and the bottom of the shaft.

4.  A couple of hallways branch off and converge on the combustion chamber.  To the left is a lift going up to one of two cloud car hangars.

5.  Destroy all those who oppose you in the combustion chamber.  To the right is a lift going up to the second of two cloud car hangars.  There is a panel behind a glass shield, and there is an ugnaught behind the panel.  To enter the combustion chamber itself, you can either mindtrick the ugnaught or you can use the panel yourself and force speed your way inside.  You must time it properly so you can enter the chamber, cut the maglock with your saber, and enter the elevator on the other side before the infernal heat from the flame jets melts the flesh from your blackened bones.

6.  At the top of the elevator is a huge vertical shaft with four huge rings that glow angrily.  Stepping on the rings cause pain and death, but you can safely stand upon the braces that suspend each ring.  There are a couple of circuits that move up and down and function as lifts.  When a ring has all four circuits in place, a forcefield activates.  You can run on the forcefield and try to get to a circuit that lifts you up to the next level.  Work your way up to the door at the top ring and exit.

7.  Ride the elevator up to a short corridor which takes you to a room infested with pipes.  There are three pipes you can jump into, covered by three grates.  The pipe to the left of the door whisks you up to adventure.

8.  Arrive at a platform at the bottom of a tall shaft, with similar platforms spaced out vertically along it's length.  Periodically a gust of air will arise from below, bringing with it a stream of visible particles.  While the gusts are active, you can jump into them to launch yourself to the next platform.  Work your way up until you reach a pair of catwalks.  Defeat a Jedi here to spawn enemies which open the door out.

9.  Follow the hallway to the carbon freezing chamber.  A panel raises the crane arm holding a cortosis block.  There is a single door that leads to a room where you find the r5 droid.  Hit the panel to open the droid socket.  The r5 lumbers towards the elevator, makes it operational, then waits for you to get on.


1.  Ride the elevator up.  When you get off, the r5 rolls to a nearby lift and waits patiently.  You need to force jump up to the ledge where you can access a control booth that overlooks the lift.  A trandoshan ambushes you.  Kill him.  Take his gun.  Use the panel.  The lift lowers.  The r5 gets on and rides it up to the landing.  He gets off and unlocks the door.

2.  Protect the r5 as he walks down the open-air corridor.  Destroy trip mines.  Shoot exciting enemies.  If the r5 survives his harrowing journey, he unlocks the door at the end so you can access the hangar.

3.  While you are locked in vicious combat with enemies, the r5 meanders over to a locked door.  If he survives, he opens the door and plugs himself into a socket, and you can now access some kind of cool bonus thing.

4.  The next room is a storage bay with an adjoining office.  Cut through your enemies and destroy the maglock to open the door.  Beyond is a large courtyard with a small room to the side.  At the opposite end of the courtyard is the exit door.  Go through the exit and join forces with a stalwart cop.

5.  You and the stalwart cop battle your way down the street, eventually discovering an elevator.  Take the elevator and follow the walkway around the towers until you enter a building.  Once inside, soak yourself in the blood of your enemies as you discover a blast shield which exposes a window looking outside.  Continue past the window and free two cops from a gruesome fate.  Exit the building with the combative coordination of a six-legged animal and cross the covered walkway.  Follow the path around another pair of towers and discover an elevator leading down to a walled plaza.

6.  A huge door blocks the way out of the walled plaza, but it won't open.  Take the elevator opposite the door, and follow the walkway around until you come to a door.  Beyond the door is a room.  Inside the room is a panel.  The panel opens the door.  Return to the door and go through it.

7.  Battle two reborn and demonstrate to them that their kung fu sucks.  Ride an elevator and cross a reinforced catwalk, taking care not to get exploded by tripmines which spring into unholy life.  At the end of the catwalk is a balcony overlooking small plaza.  Jump down into the pool of water and enter the door.

8.  Follow the open-sided corridor around to a room concealing stormtroopers.  Beyond the door on the other side is an elevator, which takes you up to a room containing the level exit.  The level exit needs a security key.  Go out onto the landing platform and remove the security key from an imperial officer's smoldering corpse.


1.  Follow the corridor and go through the door.  Gaze in wonder upon a shorter corridor with 4 doors and a room at the end.  An officer in the room on the left has a key which unlocks the two doors on the right.  Goodies await!

2.  In the chamber of the sculpture, ignore the lift.  Follow the right-hand corridor and defend yourself until you reach a door in the right-hand wall.

3.  Beyond this door is a storage area.  Triumph over the stormtroopers, then go up the stairs and follow the catwalk to the door leading into an office.  Kill the officer and extract a key from his corpse.

4.  Return to the chamber of the sculpture.  Take the elevator and follow the corridor around to the locked door.  You have the key.  Infiltrate the control room and destroy the stormtroopers.  There's a control panel that unlocks the door to the landing platform.  Go back to the elevator, ride it down to the chamber of the sculpture, and take either corridor to the door which was once locked, but is no longer.

5.  Beyond the door is the landing platform.  Drop the elbow on Tavion to finish the level.

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