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ARTUS_MINE (Level 3)

Start of level Jan drops Kyle off in a small valley.

Kyle makes his way to the entrance to the mines.

Kyle has to avoid the spot lights moving on the ground or Probe Droids will come out and attack.

Kyle can get in the tower at entrance to the mines and turn off the spot lights, therefore making it so that the Probe Droids will not attack.

Kyle then has to make his way across the pipes and into upper lookout to the mines. Kyle has to go to the second floor of this room and get the key from the guard to enter the next control room.

Once in the control room Kyle must again get a key from one of the guards to exit the room and take the elevator down into the mines.

Half way down the elevator shaft Kyle can get off and go through a small tunnel to a room that will allow him to get the drop on the Stormtroopers awaiting him and the bottom on the elevator (but he doesn't have to). Either way Kyle has to make his way to the bottom of the elevator and enter into the mines.

At the bottom of the elevator is a big room with only one exit that is open to Kyle. It is on his left when he first enters the room. Kyle must make his way to that door and enter a small hallway with an elevator at the end of it.

Half way down the hall, the elevator will go up and then come back down with Stormtroopers for Kyle to fight.

Kyle must ride the elevator up to the second floor.

Once at the top of the elevator if Kyle makes a right he will make his way to the main control room where he can find the tram entrance.

If Kyle was to take a left and go straight until he comes to a tee intersection, then makes a right, he will work his way to the radiation chamber and the radiation chamber control room. Kyle needs to be able to go into the radiation chamber, so he can get on top of one of the main carts, but first he has to stop the radiation from entering the chamber.

From the radiation chamber control room Kyle can make his way outside and around the front of the control room.

Once outside Kyle has to find the exhaust pipe the comes out from underneath the radiation chamber control room and jump down on it and then get inside the pipe. He then works his way under the radiation chamber and destroys the wall containers controlling the force field around the radiation core and then destroys the radiation core itself.

Once destroyed Kyle can ride it up into the radiation chamber where he must climb up on top of one of the mine carts.

Once on top of a mine cart Kyle will be able to jump over to the entrance to the "old mine tunnels". This is located about half way down the big corridor.

Once in the old mines Kyle is in darkness and has to navigate the old mines, which are pretty much a maze (hint: an easy trick the mine maze, is to always turn left, if Kyle continually turns left at every fork in the road he will find his way no problem). At the end of the mine maze is a machine that is used to dig the mine tunnels, Kyle has to turn it on and dig his way out of the maze. Right here is where Kyle will notice prisoners for the first time.  

Once Kyle turns on the machine it will dig a tunnel and eventually crash into the large processing machine.

Kyle will have to go down the tunnel that the digging machine just created and jump down on top of one of the mine carts that will be passing underneath him.

Once inside the giant process machine Kyle has to make his way down to the ground level and through the door into the other side of the processing machine.

He then has to ride the big crushing unit back up to the second level and exit the processing machine.

Once outside the processing machine Kyle has to make his way down to the main power generator of the mines that is located in the room that Kyle is now in.

Kyle has to go up to the generator and turn it off. Doing this starts off a cinematic that show Kyle messing with the controls to the generator and then running away has it explodes.

During this he is talking to Jan and telling her about the prisoners. After destroying the generator Kyle has to exit this room by the ground level door which will take him into a tunnel and eventually out in the first big room he was in when he got off the main elevator that brought him into the mines.

Kyle then has to make his way back to the main control room and out to the tram entrance, where he has to get on the tram and ride it.

Exit level.
Enter Artus_detention.


Kyle starts riding in on the tram. Soon after he gets off the tram a support beam falls down allowing Kyle to climb up to the overhang control room and unlock the door on the tram level. Kyle then starts down a hallway, half way down, the door that is behind him will open and a few StormTroopers will come out allowing Kyle to enter the door they just came out of.

Through this door Kyle can get behind the murder holes to a console that will unlock the door and the end of the previous hallway.  

Kyle will then enter the detention cell area. Here he will have to work his way all the way to the top control room. In this control room he can open all the cell doors and free all the prisoners. Also, in this control room Kyle needs to turn on the fan at the bottom of the shaft in the center of the room. He will need this later. Once the prisoners are let free he will have to go back down one level.  

A large door right at the bottom of the stairs will now be open. Through this door is a prisoner processing area that Kyle will have to work his way through. Right before Kyle can enter the Tie Fighter Hanger Bay he will talk to a prisoner that will tell him that he has to find the prison warden and gain access into the main control room. After talking to the prisoner Kyle will enter the Hanger Bay and then he must go up an elevator to the second level of the Hanger Bay.   

There is a door up here that leads to a hallway, at the end of the hallway is a locked door. When facing the locked door if Kyle looks to his right he will see a vent door. Kyle will have to shoot it out and then jump over to it and climb through the vent system.  

Making his way through the vents Kyle will end up at the top of a long shaft. At the bottom of the shaft is a big fan. If he turned the fan on all he has to do is jump down the shaft and the air current will break his fall and he will land safely at the bottom.

Kyle then has to follow the open vent grates and he will eventually enter into some more vents, from here he will find a broken part of the vent, climb out and be in some more tunnels like the "old mines" in Artus_mines. He must navigate his way through the mine maze to until he finds the entrance into a storage room (hint: the easiest way to solve this maze is to just make sure that you are always climbing up).

When Kyle exits the storage room he needs to take the door on the left, once he goes through that door he needs to again go through the door on the left. Once inside this little control room and he needs to use the control panel to unlock the door to the Wardens office.

Kyle now needs to go back out to the hallway right outside the storage room and take the door on the right. Once through this door there is another little door ahead and to the right opposite a long hallway. Kyle has to go through this little door and enter the Wardens office. Here the Warden will put up little resistance and Kyle will have to follow him out of the office down the long hallway opposite the little door and up a big stair case.

At the top of the stair case the Warden will use a control panel and open the door into the main control room. In the control room the Warden will open the Hanger Bay doors, thus letting the prisoners escape. Once he does this Stormtroopers will enter the control room and the warden will turn on Kyle.

After taking care of this Kyle must exit the control room using the door opposite the one he enter through. This will lead him down a hall, down an elevator, through a door and into the Tie Fighter Pilot locker room. At the back of this locker room there are two grates. Kyle must destroy one and climb through it into another vent.

Level end.
Load Artus_topside.


At the start of the level Kyle has to run to the building on his left, go inside, hit the elevator button, go back outside an ride the elevator up to the second level of the canyon.

 Here he needs to get into the emplaced gun and destroy the AT-ST and protect all the prisoners form all the stormtroopers. Eventually another AT-ST will come out of the big doors and Kyle will have to destroy that too.

 Kyle then needs to make his way back to the first level of the canyon and down to the other end. Down there yet another AT-ST will come out of big doors. Kyle needs to run past the AT-ST and get into the building that the latest AT-ST came out of.

 Inside there is a door leading to an elevator that takes Kyle all the way up to the man made walk around of the canyon. Up here he needs to work his way back around to the front of the canyon and into the top of the AT-ST hanger bay.

 Once inside he needs to get to the ground floor where he needs to get a key from one of the guards and go threw the door and into a small control room. In the small control room Kyle will use his key to get into a room that has a switch that shuts off the shields to the Ion Cannons. Once the shields are down Kyle has to make his way back outside and get into one of the emplaced guns and destroy the two Ion Cannons and any remaining AT-ST's that happen to be around.

After this Kyle re-enters the AT-ST hanger bay and staying on the top level, makes his way to a previously closed door (stormtroopers will come out of this door unlocking it). Kyle has to go through this door and work his way out the back of the hanger bay, where he will meet Desann for the first time. Desann kidnaps Jan and after a small fight with Kyle takes off.

Exit Level
Load valley

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