NVIDIA RTX 4060 drops to $279, lowest price ever - so, are you ready to buy the GPU yet?

A lot of PC gamers will still be on the fence, no doubt, and there are certainly other options - but should we expect further price drops on the RTX 4060?

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NVIDIA's RTX 4060 has a recommended price of $299, though it has sunk a bit below this before - although a fresh low has now been reached with its price tag in the US.

Zotac's RTX 4060 Twin Edge OC in white is currently dropped down by the best part of 10% in price (Image Credit: Zotac)

Zotac's RTX 4060 Twin Edge OC in white is currently dropped down by the best part of 10% in price (Image Credit: Zotac)

VideoCardz noticed that - at least at the time of writing - there's a Zotac RTX 4060 Twin Edge OC White Edition on sale for $279 at Newegg.

Now, while that pricing may have been seen as part of local offers (in-store pick up) in the past, this is the first time that we're aware of that the vanilla RTX 4060 has sunk to $279 via an online listing you can just click and buy, there and then.

That said, it's still not a massive discount, and we have seen deals close to this level in the past. Is it enough to tempt PC gamers into a purchase now?

We're not sure. Some might argue to push for the RTX 4060 Ti, which has come down to the $330 mark in past sales (like Black Friday - for the 8GB version, of course), so that isn't too much more than the price we're seeing here for the RTX 4060. You'd have to wait, though, as the Ti variant isn't nearly that affordable currently.

Further bear in mind that on the AMD side of the current-gen GPU market, you can get an RX 7600 for $250 (at the time of writing), a decent chunk less than this Zotac RTX 4060.

But to be fair to NVIDIA (and Zotac), while performance for rasterization is not too far apart for these GPUs, the RTX 4060 does have additional benefits - better power efficiency, ray tracing performance, and the temptation of DLSS boosting your frame rates too.

All in all, at $279, this RTX 4060 deal looks solid enough, even if a lot of PC gamers will still feel that the price of this NVIDIA GPU still needs to come down a bit to be more tempting.

Further to go?

Could further falls in price be in the proverbial (graphics) cards? Well, here's where things get more interesting, as we've just heard a rumor that NVIDIA is running down stock of Lovelace graphics cards ahead of the launch of Blackwell GPUs later this year.

If that's true - and granted, this is a bigger if than normal, even for the GPU grapevine - then odds are NVIDIA will be maintaining pricing on the Lovelace range for the most part. After all, if inventory levels are dropping, then it's difficult to imagine that we'll witness much further downward movement with the price tags of Team Green's graphics cards.

We'll certainly be keeping a keen eye on pricing as we move forward into Q2 of this year. Meanwhile, the new cut-down spin on the RTX 3050 (6GB) is actually getting a price hike, believe or not - although admittedly not in the US.

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