NVIDIA's RTX 5000 GPUs on track for Q4 2024 launch but don't expect a Lovelace performance leap

Blackwell GPUs are expected to debut in Q4 2024 - or Q1 2025 at the very latest - but won't advance performance to nearly the same extent as Lovelace.

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NVIDIA's RTX 5000 graphics cards are on schedule to be launched at the end of this year, according to the latest from the rumor mill.

YouTube leaker Moore's Law is Dead discussed NVIDIA's next-gen GPUs in a recent video (see above), also touching on the topic of the performance levels of these incoming boards - with a major caveat.

Regarding the release date, Moore's Law is Dead believes (add an appropriate amount of salt to all this, naturally) that Team Green is on track to have RTX 5000 GPUs out by Q4 2024 (and he seems pretty certain on that, having floated this timeframe before, too).

Although the leaker does mention that Q1 2025 is still a possible launch timeframe - that'd be the very latest NVIDIA releases the consumer Blackwell range, mind you. The expectation is very much that RTX 5000 will be a major focus for Team Green at CES 2025.

Moore's Law is Dead also gives us a nugget on potential performance levels, with the mentioned caveat that NVIDIA has far from made any decisions on final specs - and exactly how Blackwell graphics cards will be segmented - just yet.

The YouTuber does repeat something we've heard from him before, though, namely that we shouldn't expect the same level of performance jump that Lovelace ushered in over and above Ampere.

However, we might be looking at something slightly better than the uplift Ampere provided over Turing, with Moore's Law is Dead floating a very rough figure of around a 50% performance boost. (A good deal more modest than the 80% to maybe even 100% generational performance increase that an RTX 4090 Ti would likely have boasted, had it ever been made - but that GPU just wasn't needed).

The leaker also talks about pricing, but everything on that score is very much up in the air, and where NVIDIA pitches RTX 5000 models is likely to depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, there's the matter of how the imminent RTX Super refreshes are priced - and how well they sell - and also how NVIDIA's AI products perform during this year, with the additional complication of where AMD pitches its rival RDNA 4 products.

Speaking of NVIDIA's RTX Super refreshes which are supposedly set to be launched at CES 2024 - with Team Green holding a special event in just a few days, on January 8 - we've also heard from Moore's Law is Dead regarding the rumored price tags that might be pinned on this trio of revamped Lovelace graphics cards. The expectation is that the RTX 4080 Super - which heads up the three new GPUs - will carry an MSRP of $999 (and the vanilla RTX 4080 will likely be effectively scrapped).

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