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European Union decides to ban sale of new combustion engine vehicles in 2035

The EU has ambitious future plans to fight climate change, and that now includes banning new gas and diesel vehicle sales by 2035.

European Union decides to ban sale of new combustion engine vehicles in 2035
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The European Union will ban the sale of new gas or diesel-powered cars starting from 2035, as European nations look to fight climate change. This ban will also usher consumers towards electric vehicles at a faster pace, with automakers working to develop EV cars, trucks, and SUVs.

EU countries and the European Parliament were reportedly expected to make some kind of announcement, but it was unknown when. This is a major effort to reduce carbon emissions and because it's the EU's three major institutions, automakers will have no choice but to fall in line with the decision.

Smaller automakers that manufacture less than 10,000 vehicles each year have the option of negotiating for an extra year, and then would be required to meet the zero-emission law. Although most automakers already have cleantech programs that largely focus on EVs - and it's a global effort among major manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Germany, and the United States.

Companies such as Volkswagen, Ford, Bentley, Jaguar, and Stellantis already said they plan to stop selling gas and diesel vehicles before the deadline hits.

Here is what Frans Timmermans, EVP for the European Green Deal, said about a recent effort to create rules for cleaner air and water in Europe:

"Our health depends on our environment. An unhealthy environment has direct and costly consequences for our health. Each year, hundreds of thousands Europeans die prematurely and many more suffer from heart- and lung diseases or pollution-induced cancers. The longer we wait to reduce this pollution, the higher the costs to society. By 2050, we want our environment to be free of harmful pollutants. That means we need to step up action today. Our proposals to further reduce water and air pollution are a crucial piece of that puzzle."

In the United States, California became the first state to sign a law similar to the EU effort, though other US states have also followed suit. There is a global effort to figure out how to reduce carbon emissions, and the types of vehicles we drive is just one way to contribute.

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