Sparkle's passively cooled 8800 GT 256MB

Will you be able to buy it???

Published Tue, Dec 4 2007 11:35 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:38 PM CST
Sparkle sparked our sparkling interest with their announcement of their sparkling (ed. note - you went too far) new passively cooled GeForce 8800GT with 256MB graphics card.

It should also spark a lot of interest in the consumer market as it is one of the few silent operating DX10 cards on the market with the insanely popular 65nm G92 GT GPU.

It should also be quite affordable with reduced 256MB of onboard GDDR3 memory which operates at 1400MHz DDR. As far as clock speeds go, it's slower than its bigger 512MB brother which spins its memory clock at more powerful 1800MHz DDR. Its core clock runs at the same speed of 600MHz with a shader clock speed of 1500MHz.

We have no details on availability or on price but you would think it would be on shop shelves soon with Christmas just around the corner. If supply is good, it should sell like hot cakes going out of fashion.

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