Bungie may have as many as 4 new projects in the works

Bungie could be working on as many as four new projects, including Destiny 2 expansions, new IP, and multiple unannounced games.

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New job listings indicate that Bungie could have as many as 4 new projects in the works.

Bungie may have as many as 4 new projects in the works 233

Bungie is currently ramping up its work force for multiple projects. While nothing's been officially announced, sometimes we can glean info based on job listings. An examination of Bungie's current job openings may set the stage for what's to come. This is by no means official confirmation and there's a chance we're wrong about the number.

Right now the Destiny developer has a massive 113 open positions available across all disciplines, from programming, art, audio, accounting, and brand management. A cursory glance shows Bungie is developing new IP, possible new Destiny 2 content, and unannounced games--all of which may be in development separately and/or in tandem with one another.

Bungie may have as many as 4 new projects in the works 1

1. Incubation Project(s)

Bungie is hiring 29 positions related to unannounced games. Of these, 13 of which are for Bungie's incubation teams, which aren't technically categorized as "Unannounced Projects" on the job board.

This is an important distinction that likely relates to the game (or games) being in pre-production phases, whereas the unannounced titles may be in production phases of development--or at least farther along than incubation.

Game development typically follows a timeline that looks like this:

  • Incubation -> Pre-production/planning -> Full production -> Release

This separation could delineate incubation titles from unannounced projects, indicating they are two separate things (however there are 2 job listings categorized as both unannounced projects and incubation).

One specific Test Lead job listing as part of the Unannounced Project category directly mentions incubation:

"As a Test Lead joining our incubation efforts early in development, you will coordinate and execute your owned feature's coverage by collaborating with cross-discipline peers throughout all phases of development including post-ship."

Also, another Associate Gameplay Engineer says one of these incubation projects is an "online sandbox game unlike anything Bungie has ever created."

Bungie may have as many as 4 new projects in the works 33

2. New IP

Bungie has been working on new IP for a while now. Past job listings indicate the new IP will be a live service game with a fluctuating in-game economy.

The studio has 8 job listings that directly mention new IP. All of these job listings are marked in the Unannounced Projects category. Some games in the Unannounced Projects category do not mention new IP directly, which possibly indicates their being part of Destiny 2 content expansions.

The listings also mention New IP as part of the incubation teams, so there's probably a lot of overlap here and it's possible the new IPs are in incubation phases.

However, previous job listings suggest there are two possible new IPs in the works:

Some incubation team job listings don't mention new IP, though, so there could be 2 new IPs and 1 separate incubation project.

Bear in mind that game development is always in flux and these projects can morph and change.

Bungie may have as many as 4 new projects in the works 32

3. New Destiny Content

Bungie is also developing new Destiny content as part of its unannounced project category (which shouldn't be a surprise).

The Destiny Universe Concept Lead strongly indicates the franchise will carry forward and Bungie has said Destiny 3 isn't happening.

Plus there's a job listing for a Product Manager - Unannounced Project that may confirm Destiny is officially coming to China in some form via external partners and outsourced development teams.

"Bungie is seeking a Product Manager to support external partners working with the Destiny IP. ...You will maintain the quality and consistency of the Destiny IP while giving our partners enough freedom to meet the needs of their players and market."

This job listing also requires candidates to visit China:

  • Willingness to travel to China and host visits from partner teams on a regular cadence (likely every 2-3 months after restrictions are lifted)
  • Chinese (Mandarin) language skills

Bungie may have as many as 4 new projects in the works 332

4. New Self-Published Titles

Bungie wants to self-publish its own games and is opening a new studio in Amsterdam that will focus on publishing. This particular section likely includes incubation and new IP and isn't necessarily a separate project on its own, but I thought it was worth including to highlight Bungie's plans.

To be clear, the four projects may be: 2 new IP, incubation project(s), and Destiny 2 content. Remember that this isn't exact and it's possible the new IPs are included in incubation and aren't separate from it.

As for self-publishing, Bungie has established its own division devoted to publishing that's led by the Executive Producer of Self-Publishing.

A recent Senior Producer, Publishing job listing confirms one of Bungie's new IPs will be self-published:

The Bungie Publishing Team are currently seeking a seasoned Senior Producer to manage the publishing of bringing a new game to market. In this role, you will partner closely with new IP publishing and development teams to align on cross-team priorities with a focus on marketing initiatives.

I'd like to reiterate that these projects may be intertwined and not separate with one another. The vernacular seems to indicate that new IP is part of incubation games, and both new IP and incubation games are included in Unannounced Projects.

New Destiny 2 content would also be considered part of Unannounced Projects, too.


Bungie says it wants to release multiple new games by 2025. The studio is ramping its teams to make this happen. Remember that Sony plans to acquire Bungie for $3.6 billion. Sony also wants to have at least 10 live service games on the market by 2026. Bungie's plans overlap with Sony's live service ambitions, and it's highly likely that all of Bungie's new projects are online-based GaaS titles.

There's a lot of information to parse from these job listings and remember nothing is a 100% exact science.

Unannounced Projects (29)

New IP (8)

Unannounced Project (8)

Incubation (13)

Bungie total job listings (113)

  1. 3D Character Artist
  2. 3D Character Artist (Mid to Senior) - Unannounced Project
  3. 3D Hard Surface Artist
  4. 3D Hard Surface Art Lead - Unannounced Project
  5. Animation Art Lead - Unannounced Project
  6. Art Director
  7. Contract Icon Artist (Multiple Openings)
  8. Destiny Associate Technical Artist
  9. Destiny Contract Cinematic Animator
  10. Destiny Senior Hard Surface Art Outsourcing Specialist
  11. Destiny Technical Artist
  12. Destiny Universe Concept Lead
  13. Destiny VFX Artist
  14. Environment Artist - Associate to Mid
  15. Environment Artist - Senior to Staff
  16. Incubation Art Director
  17. Incubation Contract Environment Artist
  18. Lighting Artist - Associate to Mid
  19. Senior Lighting Artist - Unannounced Project
  20. Senior World Artist - Unannounced Project
  21. Sky Artist
  22. Destiny Sound Designer
  23. Associate Business Operations Manager - Studio Operations
  24. Business Operations Manager - Destiny Universe
  25. Director of Business Operations
  26. Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Program Manager
  27. Payroll Specialist
  28. Physical Security Officer
  29. Physical Security Officer - Night Shift
  30. Recruiting Coordinator
  31. Senior Accountant
  32. Senior Business Operations Manager - General and Administrative
  33. Senior Strategic Finance Manager
  34. Senior Technical Recruiter
  35. Consumer Products Ecommerce Specialist
  36. Contract Visual Designer, Consumer Products
  37. Commerce Lead Engineer - Unannounced Project
  38. Companion SDET
  39. Gameplay Engineering Lead - Unannounced Project
  40. Gameplay Engineer (Mid to Senior)
  41. Game Security Engineer - Unannounced Project
  42. Incubation Associate Gameplay Engineer
  43. Incubation Gameplay Engineer, Combat Systems (mid-to-senior)
  44. Incubation Lead Gameplay Engineer
  45. Incubation Senior Gameplay Engineer
  46. Incubation Senior Gameplay Engineer
  47. Incubation Senior Graphics Engineer
  48. Lead AI Engineer - Unannounced Project
  49. Lead Engineer, Distributed Systems - Central Technology
  50. Networking / Security Engineer
  51. QA Engineer (SDET) - Unannounced Project
  52. SDET - Central Tech (Mid)
  53. Senior Gameplay Engineer - AI/Animation
  54. Senior Gameplay Engineer - Systems
  55. Senior  Gameplay Systems Engineer - Social - Unannounced Project
  56. Senior Game Services Engineer
  57. Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Software Engineering
  58. Senior UI Engineer
  59. AI Designer (Senior/Lead)
  60. Associate Gameplay Designer, Armor
  61. Commercialization Investment Designer
  62. Creative Director
  63. Design Lead
  64. Design Manager - Unannounced Project
  65. Game Director
  66. Incubation Associate Gameplay Designer
  67. Incubation Contract Level Designer
  68. Rewards Area Lead
  69. Senior Gameplay Designer, Armor
  70. Senior World Systems Technical Designer
  71. Associate Systems Administrator
  72. Information Security Engineer - Threat and Vulnerability Risk Management
  73. Network Operations Center(BNOC) - Operations Specialist
  74. Product Support Technician (MULTIPLE OPENINGS)
  75. System Administrator, Atlassian
  76. Systems Administrator (Mid-Senior)
  77. Intern - SQL Developer
  78. Services SDET Intern
  79. Test Engineering Intern
  80. Destiny Senior Narrative Designer
  81. Destiny Codev Producer
  82. Destiny Production Jira Admin
  83. Destiny Universe, Senior Producer
  84. Principal Producer
  85. Production Lead
  86. Project Lead - Destiny 2 Expansion
  87. Senior Producer
  88. Senior Producer - Unannounced Project
  89. Art Lead, Media
  90. Brand Manager
  91. Communications Discipline Lead, Destiny 2
  92. Contract Western Europe Community Manager
  93. Global Franchise Director, Unannounced Project
  94. Incubation Director of Product Management
  95. Producer, Publishing (Web Experiences)
  96. Production Coordinator, Consumer Insights
  97. Product Manager - Unannounced Project
  98. Senior Digital Advertising Creative Manager
  99. Senior Producer, Publishing - Unannounced Project
  100. Senior Product Manager
  101. Senior Product Manager - Special Projects
  102. Senior Social Media Manager, Destiny
  103. Technical Account Manager
  104. Associate Tester
  105. Contract Generalist Tester
  106. Production Engineering Manager - Unannounced Project
  107. Senior Test Lead
  108. Senior Test Manager - Unannounced Project
  109. Test Lead
  110. Test Lead - Unannounced Project
  111. Partner UI/UX Lead
  112. UI/UX Feature Lead
  113. UX Designer
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