Crysis demo OUT NOW!!

1.8GBs of eye-candy.

| Oct 26, 2007 at 6:56 pm CDT
Fantastic news for all the gamers out there; one of the most anticipated FPS gaming titles for the year is almost ready to hit store shelves, that being none other than "Crysis". But what's even more exciting right now is that today the official single player demo is released for us all to try out. It's a hefty 1.8GB download but I don't doubt every single kilobyte of it will be rather rewarding.

Your favourite game demos download site will probably have it up for grabs already, but if you're struggling to find it give these links a shot :-

- FileShack
- Electronic Arts
- Ausgamers

It should become available on NVIDIA's nZone very shortly as well.

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