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Logitech reveals AudioHub for notebooks

Clever innovating here..

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If you're getting a little sick of hearing music through your notebook's tinny hollow speakers when at home or on the go, Logitech have come up with a great little solution dubbed the "AudioHub".

The AudioHub is made up of two good quality satellite speakers and a subwoofer for improved bass levels, it's designed in such a way that it sits neatly behind your notebook and the satellites can be extended outward to suit the width of your notebook and stop them from being blocked by the back of the LCD display.

Logitech have also considered the fact that available USB ports are generally quite minimal, and have therefore added a three-port Hi-Speed USB hub to it as well. A single USB connection from the laptop powers both the hub and the speakers.

The Dailytech report that Logitech plan to make these available sometime in October with an RRP of $99.99 USD.

One of the pitfalls to using a notebook exclusively is that it tends to have speakers that are not that great for those wanting to listen to music and watch movies. One of the other problems is that notebooks tend to lack the USB ports important to users with lots of gadgets and peripherals.

Logitech has a new item called the AudioHub that aims to remedy both of these common notebook shortcomings. The AudioHub is a 2.1 speaker system designed to sit behind your notebook. The two satellite speakers are width adjustable allowing you to position them to the sides of your notebook rather than having them behind the computer where some of the sound is blocked.

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