Apple goes iPod crazy

New models and updates.

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If you haven't already noticed it, Apple has launched a range of new iPod's and updated some older products. There's a new range of colour option for the iPod shuffle, which otherwise didn't receive any updates and the price is still US$79. The iPod nano on the other hand got a real overhaul.

If you saw the early spy-shots, then you'll know what we're talking about. It looks somewhat like an iPod cut in half now and gone are the slim, sleek lines of the previous nano's. It has a 2in QVGA display now, that's 320x240 resolution, it can play videos and it has a new user interface. The new nano comes in 4 and 8GB flavours and it's available in five different colours, although the 4GB model only comes in silver/grey. The 4GB model is priced at $149 with the 8GB coming in at $199.

Next up is what Apple now calls the iPod classic which is the larger model with a hard drive in it. The "classic" features 80 and 160GB. Apart from the hard drive size the only news here is an overhauled user interface and the white model has been replaced by a silver coloured one. The classic features a 2.5in 320x240 colour display and the 80GB model costs $249 while the 160GB model is $349.

The most controversial product launched must be the new iPod touch, which looks almost identical to the iPhone, although it's only 8mm thin. It has a 3.5in touch screen with a 320x480 resolution. It did receive Wi-Fi as predicted and Apple now offers an iTunes services via Wi-Fi for it. It features the same user interface as the iPhone and comes with the Safari web browser and YouTube support. The 8GB model will set you back $299 while the 16GB model is priced at a steep $399.

You might wonder why we included the picture of the iPhone and the answer is simply that it received a price drop yesterday. Apple also canned the 4GB model at the same time, although you can pick it up for $299 as long as stock lasts. The 8GB model is now $399, down from $599. There got to be a lot of upset iPhone owners out there with a price drop so soon after the launch.

You can check out all the new product over at Apple
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